October 13th, 2016

## Security Fix
* Fixed potential XSS vulnerability with Headway license key inputs.


February 16th, 2016

## Bug Fixes
* Grid Renderer: Fixed another issue with PHP 7
* Block API: Changed priority of assets enqueued by blocks

## Improvements
* Admin: Templates installer will now allow non .json files as long as contents are still JSON.


January 22nd, 2016

### Bug Fixes
* Fixed issue with Grid Renderer after adding PHP 7 compatibility


January 19th, 2016

### Bug Fixes
* Design Editor: Fixed issue where \'DELETE\' would be outputted in CSS
* Design Editor: Fixed issue with dummy content interfering with single layouts and keeping them from loading in VE
* Grid Renderer: Fixed issue with grid not working correctly when using PHP 7
* Sticky Wrappers: Fixed issue where sticky wrappers would drop to the bottom of the page
* Upgrade Routine: Fixed some issues with upgrade routine with default wrappers and charsets
* Visual Editor: Fixed issue where changing default column count wouldn\'t make a difference
* Visual Editor: Disabling tooltips now removes title attribute from all elements


December 14th, 2015

###Bug Fixes###
* Design Editor: Fixed issue with saving instances, layout-specific customizations, and states


December 14th, 2015

###Improvements and Changes###
* Wrapper Options: Mirroring option is now grouped and allows search like the block mirroring option.
* SEO: Added new filter to disable Headway’s. It is headway_seo_disabled
* Design Editor: Special element data is now ran in batches when saving and when blocks are deleted
* Content Block: Added support for SearchWP plugin. You can now select which SearchWP supplemental search engine to use. This is what powers the Headway Documentation search

###Bug Fixes###
* WP 4.4 Compatibility: Fixed issue with title tag not outputting properly
* Meta Boxes: Changing Shared Layout from WordPress Edit screen no longer requires a Visual Editor cache flush
* MySQL Upgrade Routine is ran on every upgrade regardless of the version. This ensures integrity of MySQL tables


August 20th, 2015

###Improvements and Changes###
* Compiler/Caching: Greatly improved efficiency of cache purging. Now works better with W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, and WP Rocket
* Compiler/Caching: Put cache-control headers on the Visual Editor and iframe to help with CloudFlare
* Compiler/Caching: Removed headway_gzip() function. Please use a plugin such as W3 Total Cache to enable gzip
* Design Editor: Parallax effect now watches for document height changes (e.g. switching between tabs) and refreshes parallax automatically
* Visual Editor: iframe is now sandboxed to keep iframe scripts from manipulating the Visual Editor
* Visual Editor: Layout selector now puts Blog Index before Front Page per WordPress template hierarchy
* Visual Editor; Block mirroring select is now organized by layout
* Visual Editor: Block mirroring select is now searchable
* Visual Editor: Layout Selector now shows a cog when searching
* Visual Editor: Layout Selector shows a loading indicator when expanding a layout
* Miscellaneous: All Headway folders including folders in wp-content/uploads now have index.php to prohibit browsing
* Third-party: Updated Redactor to 10.2.1
* Compatibility: Added WPML support for 404 layout
* Compatibility: All Headway options except for the general options are set to autoload = ‘no’. WPEngine currently *deletes* any row in wp_options that is over 1MB.

###Bug Fixes###
* Blocks: Add Custom CSS Class(es) to Row/Column now works again
* Design Editor: Parallax backgrounds now respect background position
* Pin Board: Fixed issue with infinite scrolling not respecting archive queries
* Plugin Compatibility: WooCommerce and other plugins now work correctly with Headway if WP_CONTENT is not “wp-content”
* Visual Editor: Fixed issue with Visual Editor occasionally not loading due to improper HTML attributes on the Headway app.js inclusion
* Visual Editor: iframe URL now has ve-layout parameter URL encoded
* Visual Editor: Text inputs now properly work in Safari
* Wrappers: Sticky wrappers now have is_stuck class properly removed
* Templates: Fixed issue with template IDs not being truncated when you add the template through the Blank Template dialog
* MySQL: Fixed MySQL table adding function to work when $wpdb->charset isn’t present
* Wrappers: Sticky wrappers now have a z-index of 10
* 3.7 Upgrade: Fixed issue with how mirrored blocks were handled upon upgrading
* 3.7 Upgrade: Upgrade now sets an option instead of transient to block multiple upgrade processes from starting at the same time


May 16th, 2015

* Responsive Grid now defaults to on. Previous sites will continue to use their old value. Sites that don’t have it enabled will see a nag in the WP admin.
* Content Block: Changed schema of entries to “Article” for posts and “CreativeWork” for all other post types. Also added new ‘headway_entry_schema’ filter
* Design Mode: Layouts like Single, Single » Post, and Single » Page now have sample content injected to allow for easier styling
* Visual Editor: Updated WYSIWYG text editor to Redactor 10.1.1 and re-added Font Color and Font Size options

###Bug Fixes###
* Content Block: Fixed issue where comments wouldn’t show if the entry was set to hidden.
* Layout Selector: Fixed issues with the wrong layout showing in the Visual Editor in some cases
* Layout Selector: Fixed issues with layout IDs not being correctly escaped in URLs
* Design Editor: Styling now shows up instantly
* Grid Wizard: Sticky wrapper options are now cloned with the Grid Wizard
* Wrappers: Sticky wrapper options are now mirrored
* CSS: Removed !important from the wrapper width on responsive grid for better sticky wrapper compatibility


May 7th, 2015

###Bug Fixes###
Visual Editor: Fixed issue with improper layout showing


April 30th, 2015

* Wrappers: Sticky positioning! (Open Wrapper options to stick wrappers)
* Design Editor: Parallax backgrounds!

###Bug Fixes###
* BuddyPress: Improved BuddyPress 2.0+ compatibility
* Compiler: Files are now chmod to 0644 instead of 0755
* Content Block: Fixed issue with extra ellipses being added on excerpts
* Database Schema: Compatibility with utf8mb4 and WordPress 4.2
* Design Editor: Elements not on the current layout are now properly hidden in the element selector
* Layout Selector: Various fixes to layout selector not properly setting the customized flag correctly after making changes to a layout
* Layout Selector: Pages set to the homepage or blog are now properly shown in the Layout Selector
* Snapshots: Improved how snapshots are stored to avoid issues with migration and serialization
* Social Block: Fixed issue with mismatched social network filenames
* WooCommerce: Fixed issue with wp_footer hook when using WooCommerce
* Wrappers: Wrapper settings (including responsive settings) are now properly mirrored

* Content Block: Added new query options (post status, IDs, tags, as well as more order by options)
* Content Block: Added new featured image positions (left of content, right of content)
* Design Editor: You can now use a layout-specific customization to remove background images
* Responsive Grid: Improvements to how body/viewport width is handled
* Visual Editor: Improved UI when opening a layout that isn’t customized or is using a shared layout
* Visual Editor: Admin dropdown now includes Headway Tools and Headway Templates


March 11th, 2015

###Bug Fixes###
* Admin: Setting a Headway Template in the post edit screen now properly clears the Headway cache
* Design Editor: Fixed issue with Google Fonts not loading in Visual Editor when HTTPS is enabled
* Design Editor: Fixed issue with child theme/live CSS loading order
* Content Block: Fixed issue with Show Archive Title option
* Content Block: Single post navigation now properly shows with WP-PageNavi activated
* Visual Editor: Layout IDs in Visual Editor URLs are now properly URL encoded
* Grid: Fixed a major issue with 0px gutter widths in Grid Mode
* 3.7 Upgrade: Fixed an issue with upgrading skins that don\'t have an ID set

* Design Editor: Greatly reduced Visual Editor load time when there are many elements/blocks registered
* Upgrades: You can now upgrade straight to 3.7.17 from any version of Headway 3

* Added French translation (credit: Gerard Godin)
* Added Swedish translation (credit: Ulf Seijmer)


January 24th, 2015

###Bug Fixes###
* Design Editor: Fixed issue with clicking the code button on elements to open it in Live CSS
* Design Editor: Fixed issues with loading cog positioning
* Visual Editor: Fixed issue where cache would say it could not be cleared when it actually was cleared
* Visual Editor: WYSIWYG editor now works properly in Safari
* Visual Editor: WYSIWYG editor HTML button visible again

###Third-party updates###
* Reverted Redactor (WYSIWYG input) to 9.2.6


January 20th, 2015

###Additions and Improvements###
* Admin: Added Snapshots tab under Headway Tools panel that allows you to remove all snapshots
* Admin: Added information about snapshots to System Info
* Admin: Removed option to disable CodeMirror syntax highlighting
* Blocks - Content: Say goodbye to “What\'s being displayed here in the Content Block may not be correct.  When viewing the site outside of the Visual Editor, you will see the correct content.“  When changing Content Block settings when using the default mode the correct content will still show.
* Blocks - Pin Board: Added block description
* Blocks - Listings: Reworded block description
* Visual Editor: Added noindex meta tag to Visual Editor
* Visual Editor: WYSIWYG input is now resizable
* WordPress Compatibility: Added theme support for [‘title-tag’](https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/10/29/title-tags-in-4-1/)

###Bug Fixes###
* Caching: Fixed typo in max-age header
* Blocks: Fixed empty block title markup being added when only using a subtitle
* Blocks - Content: Fixed empty header tag when title is hidden
* Blocks - Content: Fixed featured image width when using columns and featured image cropping
* Blocks - Listings: Offset option now works
* Blocks - Pin Board: Replaced get_the_title() with the_title_attribute() in appropriate locations
* Visual Editor: Revisions are now excluded from Layout Selector search
* Visual Editor: Archive » Post Tags layouts now show the proper content in the Design Mode
* Visual Editor: Wrapper mirror notice no longer displays “Mirroring From ‘’ Layout”
* Visual Editor: Rolling back to a snapshot now properly refreshes layout statuses
* Visual Editor: WYSIWYG inputs now accept pastes immediately.
* Visual Editor: Removed leftover references to Layout Templates
* Admin: Fixed notice about mysql_get_server_info() in System Info

###Third-party updates###
* Updated Redactor (WYSIWYG input) to 10.0.6
* Updated Ace (code editor) to [package 20.12.14](https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace-builds/commit/a4e495d8901876c6bafe3870a35cb8e32c827e97)


December 11th, 2014

###Bug Fixes###
* SEO: Meta description and SEO templates now properly work
* WooCommerce: Improved detection of the shop page
* Navigation Block: selectnav will now trigger with mirrored navigation blocks


November 18th, 2014

* Block Titles can now be hyperlinks.
* Content Block: Added a checkbox to Show/Hide archive titles

* Pin Board: To set Pins Per Page, you must now set the Pin Board mode to custom.
* Pin Board: Moved pagination and infinite scrolling settings into a new tab called “Pagination/Infinite Scroll”

###Bug Fixes###
* Slider Block: Fixed issue where Slider Block would not properly load
* Headway no longer overwrites all other style formats in the WordPress editor
* 3.7 Upgrade: Fixed an issue where the upgrade process would stop after encountering duplicate MySQL rows
* Content Block: Fixed a typo with Schema for authors
* Content Block: Fixed the read more button not showing in certain cases
* Pin Board: Fixed issues with the Pin Board pagination and infinite scrolling not working
* Pin Board: Fixed gutter/column sizing issues
* Layout Selector: Layouts that are Reset no longer say Customized after switching to another layout


October 27th, 2014

* SSL Support: Image and Heading blocks change image URLs depending on if the page is loaded as HTTPS
* Layout Selector now uses AJAX to load layouts. 
* Layout Selector is now searchable!
* Grid Wizard clone pages select is now searchable.

* Headway no longer includes a LESS compiler.  Instead it now uses SASS for CSS preprocessing. 

###Bug Fixes###
* Pin Board: Fixed issue with custom queries on archive and search layouts.


October 1st, 2014

* Added various formats that you can apply to post content in the WordPress Editor.
* Plugin Compatibility: Headway will now trigger Quick Cache purge if Quick Cache is activated

###Bug Fixes###
* Fixed issues with Pin Board not correctly laying out pins.
* Fixed issues with Home Link in Navigation block improperly displaying
* Fixed issue with the Breadcrumbs block not working with breadcrumbs in Yoast’s SEO plugin
* Backslashes can now be used in Live CSS


September 5th, 2014

###Bug Fixes###
* Fixed issue with mirrored block styling.  This fixes the issue with mirrored navigation blocks.
* Fixed minor PHP notice in compiler.php


September 4th, 2014

* Visual Editor: You can now duplicate blocks!  Simply right-click then click on Duplicate in the Grid Mode.
* Custom Code Blocks now use the Ace Code editor in the Visual Editor

* Design Editor: Ctrl/Command + S now triggers the save action when using the Live CSS Editor 
* Navigation Block: Reduced number of queries
* Responsive Grid: Legacy Responsive Grid option is now only shown if there is an existing value
* Visual Editor: Greatly improved the way wrappers are re-ordered in the Grid Mode
* Visual Editor: Wrapper margin controls in Grid mode are no longer finicky
* Visual Editor: Updated jQuery Draggables to 1.10.2
* Visual Editor: Ace Code editor now has Find/Replace
* Visual Editor: Wrapper Options are now available in the Design Mode
* Visual Editor: Updating block and wrapper custom classes in DE now updates the attribute immediately.
* Hooks: Added filters to HeadwayLayout methods to control which layouts are being displayed programmatically.

###Bug Fixes###
* 3.7 Upgrade: Fixed an occasional error when upgrading to 3.7
* Design Mode: Fixed issue where Design Mode would not fully load correctly
* Design Editor: Nudging with arrow keys now works properly
* Visual Editor: Fixed issues with tooltip positioning
* Visual Editor: Blocks no longer pop out of the wrappers when moving them from wrapper to wrapper.
* Visual Editor: Grid Wizard Layout Import/Export now works correctly with wrappers and styling.


July 26th, 2014

* Content Block: Improvements to how featured image sizing is handled

###Bug Fixes###
* Template Export: Fixed issues where templates wouldn\'t export correctly in some cases.
* Data: HeadwayBlocksData::get_blocks_by_type() was caching the wrong array.  This is now fixed.
* Data: Issue where meta box data wouldn\'t save is now fixed.

* Added German translation.  Thanks Carsten! http://headway-support-deutsch.de/


July 22nd, 2014

* Content Block: Removed styling that stretches featured images above title/content to 100%

###Bug Fixes###
* Visual Editor: Fixed issue with dragging blocks in the latest version of Chrome 35
* Visual Editor: Fixed issue where image uploader would not properly initialize
* Visual Editor: Fixed occasional problem where you could not open certain element instances due to old data causing a JS error
* Plugin Compatibility: Improved compatibility with WooCommerce plugins such as the Product Finder plugin


July 10th, 2014

* Admin: To reset Headway you now need to put in a constant in wp-config.php first for security and to prevent accidents
* Snapshots: Automatic snapshots can be disabled by setting HEADWAY_DISABLE_AUTO_SNAPSHOT to true in wp-config.php
* Data: UTF-8 charset is now always used for Headway tables

###Bug Fixes###
* 3.7 Upgrade: Fixed issue where existing data not would be properly overwritten
* Panel API: Fixed issue with select input not working with numbers in some cases
* Data: Block ID creation no longer uses php_uname() due some hosts blocking that function
* Layout Selector: Fixed occasional PHP notice in Layout Selector
* Layout Selector: \"Single\" layout will now try to get URL of a post OR a page rather than just the first post since no posts may exist


June 2nd, 2014

###Bug Fixes###
* 3.7 Upgrade: Issues with corrupted templates, template IDs that are too long, and duplicate IDs with blocks/wrappers are now corrected by the 3.7 updater to its best ability
* Plugin Compatibility: Renamed the Headway image resizing class so it does not conflict with other plugins
* Visual Editor: Fixed an issue where cloning layouts would not work


June 23rd, 2014

###Bug Fixes###
* Visual Editor: Fixed an occasional error that would prevent the Grid Mode from loading.
* 3.7 Upgrade: The WP Options backup is now stored in a file instead of the database to prevent MySQL from locking up.


June 21th, 2014

###Bug Fixes###
* 3.7 Upgrade: Split upgrade process up into multiple steps.


June 20th, 2014

* Pin Board: Added categories meta option to display categories in Pin Board
* Caching Compatibility: Headway now knows if GoDaddy/MediaTemple caching is present and will automatically clear it after upgrading and when saving in the Visual Editor

###Bug Fixes###
* 3.7 Upgrade: Upon starting the upgrade, all Headway options in the wp_options table will be backed up in case the upgrade routine is halted or does not run correctly for any reason.
* 3.7 Upgrade: Blocks that are mirroring themselves are corrected on upgrade

3.7 and 3.7.1

June 19th, 2014

###Additions and Major Improvements###
* Visual Editor: Fresh new user interface that matches the UI of WordPress 3.8 (MP6)
* Snapshots! Never worry about losing your work again. Snapshots are automatically created when saving (maximum of one automatic snapshot every 15 minutes). If you need more than one snapshot every 15 minutes you can manually create snapshots in the Snapshots panel.
* Data Handling: Headway now uses custom MySQL tables to store wrappers, blocks, layout meta, and snapshots. This greatly improves reliability and speed.
* Design Editor: Live CSS Editor is now powered by Ace rather than CodeMirror. The Live CSS Editor is now in a dedicated popup which allows you to put it on a separate monitor or use tabbing to improve your workflow.
* Design Editor: Added support for units (px, em, rem, %) on properties such as Font Size, Line Height, Margins, Padding, and so on.
* Templates: Moved Templates panel to WordPress Admin under Headway » Templates (previously in Visual Editor)

###Other Notable Improvements and Changes###
* Data Handling: Block and Wrapper IDs are no longer numeric. They are now universally unique ID\'s (UUIDs). This prevents ID overlap and improves stability. Please note: If you are upgrading an existing Headway site, Headway will still reference the old numeric IDs to prevent CSS and JavaScript from breaking. Any new blocks and wrappers you create will NOT have numeric IDs.
* Data Handling: Layout options are now stored using WordPress postmeta table if capable. If not, they are stored in the new Headway layout meta table.
* Data Handling: Layout IDs are now split apart using || rather than hyphens. This reduces conflicts with custom post type and custom taxonomies IDs
* Visual Editor: Added hardware acceleration to the dragging of blocks. Adding, moving, and resizing blocks is now much more fluid.
* Visual Editor: Moving blocks from one wrapper to another now shows more visible feedback so you know where the block will be placed immediately.
* Visual Editor: Improved error handling with saving
* Visual Editor: Simplified the Add Wrapper buttons. They are now on the left-side of the Visual Editor in the Grid Mode
* Visual Editor: Headway Image Uploader now uses the WordPress 3.5 Media Uploader
* Visual Editor: You can now right-click on blocks and wrappers and add and change the aliases without digging into the options.
* Visual Editor: Added icons to the wrappers\' right-click menu
* Design Editor: All instances and states are now visible.
* Design Editor: Element customizations are now found in the \"Styles\" tab
* Design Editor: You can now select parent elements with the inspector
* Admin: Removed block repair
* Admin: Improved the Getting Started page. Credit: Chris Howard
* Admin: Added a What\'s New page after updating.
* Admin: Hide Headway Version Number From Menu now defaults to true
* Content Block: Fix tag archive description and add term archive description
* Content Block: Added support for styling lists in the content block
* Content Block: Added ability to style blockquotes in Design Editor
* Content Block: You can now style meta hyperlinks in Design Editor
* Social Block: Fixed issue with icon positioning
* Widget Area Block: Added Default Widgets option that allows you to set default widgets if the Widget Area doesn\'t have any widgets assigned.  This is primarily used for Templates so on initial import the Widget Areas look fine.
* Templates: Templates now use the same functions that are used to create and rollback snapshots so Templates now include more data and are less prone to hiccups.
* WordPress 3.9 Compatibility: Added HTML5 support for image captions and also made them editable with Design Editor
* Caching: Headway will now attempt to clear WPEngine memcached and varnish cache when saving and rolling back to a snapshot.

###New Blocks###
* Search Block: Add a simple search form to your website with the Search block.
* Pin Board: Display your posts and entires with a Pinterest-like arrangement. This block is no longer offered as a plugin and is now in the core of Headway and includes many improvements.

###Bug Fixes###
* General: Took care of numerous PHP notices
* Listings Block: Defaults are now correctly set on first load
* Visual Editor: Tooltips now properly hide
* Visual Editor: Fixed an issue with a potential infinite loop with the toggling in the Panel/Block Options API
* Visual Editor: Fixed hide/show toggles on the breakpoint select
* Visual Editor: WYSIWYG input no longer causes Safari to freeze
* Mirroring: Deleting a block or wrapper that\'s being mirrored will now remove the reference of that mirror on the block or wrapper that was mirroring
* Text Block: Addressed issue with font size and font color
* Wrappers: Deleting wrappers now properly deletes the blocks inside of it and their design instances
* Wrappers: Resetting layouts will now correctly delete wrappers. Also, deleting wrappers now removes the design instances

###3.7.1 Changes###
There was a major change with wrapper instance IDs in 3.7 and existing 3.7 beta sites needed updated.  

We are launching Headway 3.7 as 3.7.1 for this reason. 


February 18th, 2014

* New responsive breakpoint options for blocks
* New responsive breakpoint options for wrappers
* WooCommerce compatibility layer is now in core!  Be sure to change all of your old WooCommerce blocks to Content blocks and it will automatically work.

* Removed Maintenance tab from Headway » Tools
* Licensing: Activate License is now always Save & Activate License
* Updated jQuery Fitvids to 1.0.3
* Image Block: Block titles can now be added to image blocks

###Bug Fixes###
* Fixed PHP notices in Social and Listings blocks
* Compiler works correctly with HTTPS even if WordPress’ is_ssl() function is returning false
* Responsive Grid: Images with captions are properly responsive
* Visual Editor: Template Export now handles relative image paths
* Visual Editor: Layout Selector now handles posts with post parent IDs set by plugins that should not be setting post parent IDs
* Visual Editor: Grid settings now reflect the appropriate value depending on the Template
* Visual Editor: Switching Templates now updates the Live CSS and column/grid options immediately
* Widgets: Added missing close span on widget block


January 27th, 2014

###Bug Fixes###
* Header/Footer Scripts: HTML tags are no longer encoded in the text area
* Slider Block: Caption will properly stretch when the block is in a fluid wrapper and grid


January 26th, 2014

* Admin: Fixed styling for WP 3.8
* Content Block: Added a responsive breakpoint to disable column excerpts if the browser is narrower than the block width
* Compiler/General CSS: The \'headway_general_css\' filter runs before the Live CSS is added now that way the Live CSS will be added to the end of the general CSS file.
* Licensing: Added a new save and activate button for a one step activation process
* Licensing: License inputs are now masked
* SSL Compatibility: If FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is true and the Visual Editor is accessed in HTTP then it will auto-redirect to HTTPS
* Visual Editor: WYSIWYG inputs now allow all form tags
* Visual Editor - Layout Selector: You can now revert/reset a layout even if it\'s the last one

###Bug Fixes###
* Fixed PHP error with HeadwaySkinLayoutOption::delete()
* Content Block: Fixed CSS selector on the Meta Above Content element
* Design Editor: Layout-specific customizations now work properly with selectors that have commas in them
* Design Editor: Font Selector is now scrollable with Firefox again
* Slider Block: Fixed CSS to insure that slider images are properly resized
* Slider Block: If there\'s only one image, there will no longer be additional space added to the bottom
* Upgrading: Activating Headway no longer sets the database version, this was causing some upgrade issues with 3.6.
* Visual Editor: Fixed issues with the WYSIWYG image upload not working on some hosts