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Speed up development time with this multi-purpose block! Includes the blocks: Author, Documents, HeaderPlus, Icons, Related Posts, SearchPlus, Sets, Spacer and Titles. Plus two extensions: Outer Space and Widows.

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Swiss Army Block is a collection of smaller but very useful blocks that each do one simple task in a Headway block form, making your website design and development easier.

Author Block

Author block is a highly customizable block that allows you to dislay author profile information on single post pages. Furthermore, you can specify the author to show in the block, thus enabling you to create a page with the biographies of all your authors.
Other features:

  • Configure which elements to show
  • Show user photo or Gravatar
  • Icon styled links to Twitter, Facebook, Email, Other posts, and user website
  • Option for custom links
  • Layout options for positioning photo left, or rght, and text-wrapped or not.
  • Option to show specific author

Related Posts Block

Related Posts block is quite possibly the most powerful and flexible related posts plugin available on WordPress!

  • Show related posts based on ANY taxonomy or combination – i.e. categories, tags, custom taxonomies or a mix.
  • Match based on any or all terms.
  • Show the relevance (i.e. percentage of categories, tags or both that match in each related post) as a count or percentage.
  • Limit the posts shown to those that match a minimum number of terms.
  • Option to exclude specific terms (by ID). E.g. Exclude the category”Featured Posts” by entering its ID
  • Option to specify the post link tooltip, including showing terms that match.

Titles Block

The Titles Block simply provides a block that can be used for making sectional titles on your layouts. Titles can also have gradients with drop shadows applied to them.


SearchPlus greatly expands your readers’ options when searching your site’s content. No longer are they limited to just searching on text and browsing through dozens of results.

SearchPlus allows searching and filtering on:

  • Text
  • Date
  • Content types (post, page and custom post types)
  • Taxonomies (Categories, tags and custom taxonomies)

Results can also be sorted by date or title, and taxonomy terms can be set to match for all terms or any terms.

For sites with a lot of content, or sites with a lot of custom content or taxonomies, SearchPlus is a must have.

For example, a real estate site could use it to provide an instant search tool based on things like location, bedrooms, house type, etc.

To try it out, visit PizazzWP’s search page


HeaderPlus Block

HeaderPlus is an alternative header block for Headway 3 with features including multiple rotating images and more control over titles.


Documents Block

The Documents block provides a nicely formatted list of downloadable documents with columns for document title, category, last update and file size. It provides sorting of both the documents and the columns; hiding of columns; and is responsively enabled for small screen devices.


Spacer Block

Spacer Block lets you ad space to your page layouts. Sometimes you want to force a space on a layout, but using padding or margins isn’t the ideal solution. You could use a Custom Code block with nothing in it, but that’s not best either when there is a block designed for the task.

Spacer Block also can display dividers. It provides a choice of six dividers. Or you can easily use your own.


Outer Space extension

Outer Space is an extension for Headway sites that lets you place content, either HTML or Headway blocks, in the space outside the the page boundaries. Great for things like “wing” advertising seen on many sites today.

Widows extension

Widows is a simple extension that when enabled, prevents wrapped around titles from displaying only one word on the last line.

More blocks coming soon!

Swiss Army Block User Guide is located here.

Notice: This is a third-party addon which Headway Themes does not officially support.

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