The easiest way to showcase quotes or testimonials on your Headway site.

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  • Quick to setup

    Quick to setup

    The Testimonials block is quick and easy to setup! There are lots of built-in options, so that you can easily fine-tune the layout to your liking!

  • Highly customizable

    Highly customizable

    Aside from the extensive configuration options, we’ve made it really easy to style the block using Headway’s Design Inspector. Simply point and click to customize.

  • Grid or slider modes

    Grid or slider modes

    Choose to display your testimonials as a multi-column grid or as a slider, or create a page with a combination of both. Both modes have slightly different configuration options.

  • Responsive out the box

    Responsive out the box

    Your testimonials will look great across all devices. The responsive styling only kicks in if you have Headway’s Responsive option enabled, so no extra code is loaded if you are not using it.

  • Fast & friendly support

    Fast & friendly support

    We believe that support is equally important as the product and we always strive to provide our customers with a level of support that we’d like to receive ourselves.

  • No usage restrictions

    No usage restrictions

    All of our blocks are proudly licensed under the GPL, which means you are able to use them on as many sites as you like, without any restrictions whatsoever!

  • Built for Headway

    Built for Headway

    All our blocks are built for Headway, meaning they adhere to strict development standards; are built using Headways block API; and use Headways compiler to ensure the block is loaded efficiently.

  • Clean Markup

    Clean Markup

    We are pedantic about clean code and continuously refine our blocks code to ensure they are as lean as possible. Clean, semantic markup means Search Engines will love your features content!

  • WordPress content

    WordPress content New

    New in v2+, you can now add all your testimonials content via WordPress, using the included Testimonials post type. The Testimonials can be organized using Categories & Tags.

  • Powerful Filtering & Ordering

    Powerful Filtering & Ordering New

    Testimonials stored in WordPress content can be filtered to only display the Testimonials you want to shown. Also included are options to customize the ordering of the Testimonial items.

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Notice: This is a third-party addon which Headway Themes does not officially support.

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