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Toolkit is a plugin which compliments Headway and provides you with a set of tools to make your Headway site building experience even better!

Toolkit Overview

What’s included

Block Search

Looking for a way to find your Headway blocks more efficiently? This tool lets you locate and edit any of your Headway blocks from anywhere in the WordPress Admin, using a keyboard shortcut.

Block Search Tool

See the Block Search in action:

Block’s Anywhere

One of the most useful tools in Toolkit is the ability to output your Headway blocks, anywhere that support WordPress shortcodes (such as your posts, pages, custom post types, etc).

Block's Anywhere

See the Block’s Anywhere in action:

Block Index

The Block Index gives you a full listing of every block instance on your Headway site, which can be filtered by block type. Each block instance has a 1-click “Edit in Headway” option and the relevant shortcode.

Block Index

All our Headway add-on’s are:

  • Quick to Setup
  • Easy to Use
  • Customizable
  • Built specifically for Headway
  • 100% GPL

We’ve also been told that our Support Rocks!

Notice: This is a third-party addon which Headway Themes does not officially support.

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