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By default, Headway does not enable comments for WordPress pages.  However, enabling comments for WordPress pages is pretty easy.  Depending on your setup, the options are different.  You first need to understand how Headway’s inheritance works.

If you want comments enabled for posts and pages and you want them to have the same layout, you just need to customize the Single layout in the Headway Visual Editor.   You will edit the options for the content block on the Single layout to always show comments.

Click on the content block options for the Single Layout, then click on Display.  Where it says “Comments Visibility” you will change that to show “Always Show Comments”.  See the screenshot below.


If instead you only wanted comments enabled on pages or if you want the single page layouts and single post layouts to be different, then you would need to customize the Single > Page layout in the Visual Editor using the steps I described above.


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  1. Enable Comment option is very popular way to get the accurate feedback of site traffic. you know all of the visitors or readers are thinking different about your site. Commenting option is the way to collect readers demand and complement.

  2. Hi, thanks for this post. Unfortunately, the new incarnation of Headway looks different than what you’ve described above. Can you give us an update on how to add comments with for Headway 3.4.7?

    Thank you!


  3. Your article really helped! Now I’m using Headway 3.5.5 though, and as a previous comment mentioned, it looks different. I’d very much appreciate an update 🙂

    I’d like to have the comments on posts show on the blog home page, below each post and haven’t found how to on Headway. This is where I’d like to implement it: http://www.notestomyselfbysf.com/notes/

    Thank you!!

  4. Hello,

    I’m having the same problem as Cecillia & Sezin. The later versions of Headway (I’m on 3.5.7) don’t look the same as what is described here. Please help!

    Thank you,


    • Amanda,

      Please post up in the forums so the entire Team can give you a hand. You are also on an older version of Headway as we are on 3.5.11 currently.

    • John, you would adjust some settings in the content block. Specifically, in the Display options of the Content block, set Comment Visibility to: Always Show Comments

  5. Yes after customizing the editor and after choosing the option show comments they are visible on the page. Thanks for such a valuable post. It’s really useful to me. For best results in internet marketing website is the best media which are done by Toronto seo company really worthful. Keep posting.

    • You would do it in the same way. The screenshot looks different but the steps are the same. If it is not working, please submit a support ticket in your members dashboard.

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