Five Quick Tips for Your New Headway Site

Building a new Headway site is exciting, but as you get started don’t forget these quick tips to make your experience as smooth as possible!

Free Resources Abound!

Don’t be afraid to look around for free vector images, stock photos and even textures and buttons to give your site a professional look.  Try Vecteezy! for free vector files (and some low-cost higher quality graphics), and iStockPhoto features new free stock images every week. You can also search for free icon packs like these highlighted at Mashable – including social media icon packs.

You can also find great subtle textures and patterns for free online to use in your backgrounds for the body, wrapper, and blocks in Headway!

Try Using Layout Templates

If you aren’t sure how you’d like your site to look yet, give Layout Templates a try. Headway offers you the option to either customize WordPress pages or set up Layout Templates and apply them to each WordPress page. Not sure about your page content, or building with dummy content? No problem with Layout Templates, because you won’t lose layout customizations if you delete your WordPress page or change which page is the homepage. Just make your changes, re-apply the appropriate Layout Template, and you’re back in business.

Don’t Forget Support

We have a fabulous support team and an active community – take advantage of it! Post your general Headway questions in the General Headway forum – one of our support members will be jumping on your question soon. Or post up a question for your fellow community members to answer under Headway Customization (great for questions about how to use custom CSS or advice on your design).

Check Out All the Block Options

With each new major version we’ve released new blocks and updated features on old ones. Don’t assume you know what each block is limited to – check it out! We have a new Social Media block in the latest iteration, and there’s almost always something new to do with the Content Block.  Try using shortcodes in Custom Code blocks or use the new List Block in a wrapper area you designate as the Footer Wrapper. No need to limit yourself to a Content Block & a Widget Area Block when there’s so much more!

Use Headway Templates to Back Up Your Design

You can export your own customizations as a Headway Template (go to Templates at the top of your screen in the Visual Editor and find the export option). Now you have a backup not only of your templates and design options, but Headway will even remember which templates were applied to which pages. Think of it as your “Headway-only” backup – in case you blow things up. Remember, we always recommend that you use BackupBuddy to take regular backups of your entire WordPress site as well!

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  1. Just wanted to say that you guys are great! I love the new version 3.6 – it improved a lot of usability “issues” that I had before. I think it is really easy to upload one of the templates and play around with it to see the possibilities.
    Thanks and have a great day!

  2. I’m just back at Headway and it seems completely out of touch. I can’t seem to find anywhere info about the basic thing of adding a template like Carnegie or whatever to my headway. Where is the info about this? Do I just wade through the support pages? The obvious thing would be to click on Templates at the top and the Add Template, but when I do that absolutely nothing happens. Please help.

  3. Hi Caitlin, Nice resources page. you can also download free vector logo files at if possible please add our website to this list.

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