We have liftoff!

Well, it’s been quite a wait, but we’re finally live!

We first got the idea for Headway back in late April and we’ve been working hard and have had many late nights working our tails off. After getting tired of doing the same momentous coding on websites, we started thinking about a way we could save ourselves some time. Although Headway started as an experiment and kind of a toy at first, we realized this opportunity could not be passed up, thus Headway was born. Although initially, we were never fans of theme “frameworks”, Headway has changed our opinion. With Headway we have been able to produce websites much faster enabling us to spend more time on the design.

If you haven’t taken a tour of Headway yet or seen the videos on the homepage, we strongly urge you to do so.

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  1. Looking good! Was hoping there might be some kind of deal for those who signed on early. Might hold out for now, and see what people can do with it first.

    • It mainly has to do with the stylesheets. You’ll get one mangled website using GoDaddy. For some reason the dynamic CSS won’t render correctly. I spent hours and hours trying to figure out the issue, but I couldn’t figure it out. I’m going to continue to press on and see if I can somehow sort it out.


  2. How does Headway stack up against Thesis, and will you be putting up a forum to allow people to swap ideas, etc?

    As good as Headway may be, the forum is where the action is in tweaking a theme and getting help. I’m not a coder by any means and I’m sure there are numerous issues that will need assistance, like any other theme. Perhaps less with Headway, but customizing always requires some help.

    Thanks, and congratulations on your efforts.

    • To answer your first question, the only thing I can say is take the tour on this site, watch the videos, then watch theirs.

      And yes, there are forums for members.

      Finally, thanks for the kind words 🙂


      • Clay,

        I clicked on the sample sites you displayed on the home page. Looking at what John Haydon and Success Creeations did, I’m guessing there’s a lot of CSS work in both. For those of us who are CSS-deficient (as in 100% deficient), maybe you can create a video to show what is realistically possible with Headway, “out of the box.”

        Obviously, anybody can spend a bunch of money to get someone to spiff up any theme. But, it would be nice to know how far you can take Headway without knowing CSS or having to shell out extra cash. Thanks.

    • Jerry – Besides the fact Headway is so simple and powerful to use. We made sure we had some outstanding Headway users on board to take part in the forums. Having some early users who would be able to answer questions and help with issues or problems was key for us. For example John Haydon, Chris Cree and Michael Martine to just name 3. I will be there as will Clay, the man behind Headway.

    • Hi Jerry,

      As a huge fan of Thesis, I was wary about changing over. Yet I have to say that Headway pretty much blows Thesis out the water for a premium theme. It’s still a good theme for sure, but Clay has shown what real flexibility can offer. I always found Thesis a pain for optimizing if you weren’t a decent coder – not so with Headway.

      So, yes – while Thesis is good, Headway is great 🙂

  3. The Headway theme looks outstanding. Good work! You really hooked me in the first video where you created a sidebar leaf for the bottom of the page, stretched it to full width, specified horizontal orientation, and populated it with widgets. That’s real power.

    I’m a consultant and developer who creates multiple sites for my own use and for clients. I’m very interested in the Developer Option license, but I’m having a little trouble understanding the exact terms. Can I create unlimited sites on unlimited domains for my own use at no extra cost? But for client sites I would have to pay an extra $40 each? Is that right? How exactly would the distinction be made? If I own the domains, then they’re for my own use? If I don’t own the domains, then they’re client sites? Or some other distinction?

    And another related question. Somewhere in your pre-launch material I think I read that your pricing would be competitive with other premium themes. But I’ve never seen another one where the developer’s license wasn’t truly unlimited, in other words one developer’s license fee for unlimited sites. Yours seems to be unlimited except that there’s that extra fee.

    Please clarify your policy on those points.

    Thanks very much.

    • Glad you like the videos 🙂

      Basically, we’re not EXTREMELY strict, as there is no way to be without true serials and licensing and that such. Our distinction is whether or not you are paid to design the website or not. We consider that to be a client, which in turn should be $40 paid under your developer license. I hope that clears things up. If anything, you can charge $40 extra to cover the costs.

  4. Hi guys! Saw your theme at Danny Brown’s today. I am an extremely frustrated other famous theme user, and I am not a coder. I do like the idea of a professional styled themes and did pay developers fees to purchase and use it. I am currently using it for 4 sites.

    I’d love to transition over to your theme, however, I really would like to see a guest pass, or something to that effect, to the support forums. I’ve been less than pleased at the way they work other places and am a bit tired of being labeled a non-coder. If it truly is drag and drop, I applaud you. However, could I take a look at the support just to get an idea of level of support and/or frustration in using Headway?

    I don’t expect someone to code for me, but I bought one pig in a poke and am not going to do that again.

    I wish you great success and look forward to seeing more sites use your theme.

    • We do not offer guest passes or anything like that. If you want to see the documentation, you can go to https://headwaythemes.com/documentation. While this is pretty comprehensive, we still do have our forums. And since we just launched, don’t expect us to have a thriving forum of 5,000 users like another premium theme (*hint*). Does that mean the support will be less? No. We’ll still help you when you need it.

      • Clay,

        Some folks give non-buyers access to a forum and find that it juices sales. Just something to think about.

        I’m in a similar position as Robyn. I purchased a WordPress premium theme (not Thesis) with the promise that the support would be there. It never was and the developer was on to other projects. It’s now gathering digital dust.

        I’m not suggesting you won’t stand behind Headway, but access to the forum will keep people “in the game” with you longer, and could lead to a purchase.

        I didn’t go with Thesis because to make it look great you either have to know a fair amount of code or pay serious money. An associate just shelled out $1,500 to make a very nice site built on that theme. You’d never guess it was Thesis.

        For me, I want to see gobs of examples of what Headway can do without any extra coding, then what maybe $500 could buy me. So, a showcase would be very important to aid my decision.

        Loosen up the restrictions a bit and I think it’ll benefit you in the long run.


  5. Thank you Clay for your response. It’s the help I need. At another premium theme, help is fleeting, and seems to be less help until you can show you can code. I would hope I wouldn’t encounter the same situation. I’ll keep watching here and kick a few tires, hoping to find what I need. I’d love to support you.

    • Hey there Robyn,

      Thanks for checking out my blog, really appreciate it, and feel free to ever shout (either on Twitter or via my blog or email) if you have any questions as well. I think there’s going to be a big difference between here and other *premium* sites 🙂

    • I have to say I did go ahead and purchase the dev license (my husband and I both will use it for our sites). Can I say that my fears were dispelled the first day out. I really like Headway and appreciate the support from everyone. Three cheers especially for Danny Brown!

  6. Congratulations to both of you on the launch of what is sure to be the next BEST thing for building fabulous websites.
    I had to chime in here, since I’ve just been working on re-designing my site with Headway. I was so sure that this was going to make updating and making changes to my website tons easier, I am in the process of switching my website host from GoDaddy to a service that allows me to use Headway. I’ve been having so much fun with Headway…which I never thought I’d say about my web design software! Trust me, I’ll be blogging all about it when I re-launch!
    As for how Headway stacks up against Thesis, as someone who has been a contented user of Thesis I have to say I think it’s like comparing chocolate brownies to Death by Chocolate, they both use the same main ingredient, but they deliver a completely different experience.
    I’ve been able to re-create my current website design (created in Thesis with a good deal of custom css coding picked up from the forums) in Headway using only one custom css code (the super simple custom background code). Not only is Headway making it easy to recreate my design, but it is allowing me to do things that I could never do before. The flexibility of adding the ‘leafs’ allows even a dabbler like me to create a highly customized, quality website.

    • I’m with Grant, Tina, looking forward to seeing what you do. Just popped over to your existing blog and even if you hadn’t said it was Thesis, it’s instantly recognizable as such (despite some great coding from you). That’s one of the biggest bugbears I had with Chris’s theme – it’s just too similar across the board.

      Look forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

  7. I hope you guys encourage everybody who makes a site in Headway to load it up on your forum, so we all can see what’s possible. Not just the site, but maybe a short blurb on how it was made, what bells and whistles they added, whether it was “out of the box” with minor tweaks or an experienced designer did the work, etc.

  8. A long time ago, my blog evolved into something much more and I’ve been searching for a template that can accommodate all the content I have to offer. I looked at everything, even considered buying Thesis, but it didn’t give me the flexibility or usability I needed for my vision. Clay, Headway has really got me excited because I think it’s exactly what I’m looking for based on what I viewed in the tour, video and vlogs from John.

    It’s always frustrating when a creatives like us have visions that can’t be realized, and a huge relief when a solution is found. Amazing stuff. Thank you.

  9. Wow! this thing looks great!

    I was looking for a theme to do more of a site like the headwaythemes.com site… and i see that you all use the headway theme yourself…

    Did your site require additional custom coding than what the theme itself has to offer in it’s toolbox?

    Or is this something that can be achieved just using the theme itself?

    I would like to see a few more layout options then what’s showed in the videos… It looks like a lot of people are using them with a standard blog layout, but I would like to see various site design options… to get a bigger picture of what all it could do…


  10. The feature list looks great as does the video, but I have two questions:

    – Is there a possibility to buy a personal license now and upgrade later to a developer license?
    – Why is there no example site made with Headway, that does validate 100%? Is this by accident or partly by architecture. I really hope for the former. Anyway, it would be good to see valid pages. 😉

    Thanks, Bernhard

    • 1. Yes.
      2. It’s usually caused from the post or page content. By default when you install Headway it will validate, so it’s a matter of the code you put in.


  11. I asked this question in an e-mail to your support group but it might help some of the folks here to know the answer.

    Do you offer a money back guarantee? I made the mistake of purchasing Thesis three days ago and it’s complexity was a slap in the face. What you see in the sales pitch and 60 second videos is not always what you get and I don’t want to make the same mistake again. However they do offer a thirty day money back guarantee and I hope you will play fair also.

    And touching the issue of upgrading from a personal license to a developer’s license – How Much? – Since you don’t have a demo site where we can jump through the hoops I will buy a personal license to see if I like your theme but if the upgrade totals more than the base cost of the developer’s license then count me out.

    Actually, I’m looking forward to the Headway experience and if I like it I will help you develop it and sell it!


    • Yes, we offer a money back guarantee. To upgrade to developer license it’s $77 (87+77 = 164). There’s no penalizing people who upgrade.

      • Hi Clay,

        Thanks for the amazingly fast response! – I thought I was the only one working on Sunday.

        Food for thought – You might want to consider allowing website developer’s like myself to use your template on client site’s as long as we leave “Powered By Headway” in the footer. I will personally recommend to every client to purchase your template through my affiliate link so they can make their own tweaks and changes and we can both make money. Just think what will happen if you add $40 to the price of your template – You will lose your competitive edge.

        I’m going to hit the all too familiar PayPal button right away and It’s nice to make your acquaintance.


  12. Looking nice I want to give it a shot. Any time limit in upgrading from individual to developer. I only have two sites on WordPress right now but I am thinking about converting the other ones in about 6 months?

  13. Does this allow me to create a theme and save it, then create another theme, or does this work more like the flexx ithemes.com stuff where thewhole thing has to be individually loaded for each site?

    Would be nice as a developer if I could use this as a theme generator and not have to provide the whole layout building aspect to clients. I see only headaches with that.

    I have a few other questions as well. can you contact me via my email?

  14. Hi,

    I interested in purchasing a license, but i would like to see some more sites done with headway, until all have seen feels very static.

    So i would appreciate if you could point me to some sites that looks more colorful and dynamic made with your theme.

    Kind regards
    C. Schoemaker
    ICT Advisor

  15. Hi,
    I’d like to ask about SEO and safe updates.

    Beside title tag and metas SEO also means having a slim, well-structured code. Does Headway use H-tags in a proper way, like it is explained here: http://www.jeffhendricksondesign.com/best-wordpress-seo-theme/ , i.e. for example no H-tags for sidebar-titles like “blogroll”, “About me”…?
    Further there’s the rule “first text (after head of course), then sidebar and footer”, because search engines give higher attention to what comes first. Does Headway respect this, whatever layout people choose? And thirdly, does Headway achieve slim core code, by leaving CSS and JavaScript mainly outside, in extra files?

    With Thesis you just have to save and copy custom.css and custom_functions.php in order to avoid any mess with updates of WP or Thesis itsself. For non-coders like me this is very calming. Headway also can calm his non-coding users?

    • As far as SEO, yes.
      For the “first text”, this is generally respected, but if you use a sidebar on the left, it won’t. However, you can work around this by putting the sidebar after the content then floating the content to the right.
      And yes, Headway keeps the custom files separate. As far as slim core code, I think that would be an overstatement (or under…). The Headway core files are pretty jam-packed (although the updates will be slimming this down drastically).

      Finally, updates are completely unobtrusive and you won’t lose any data or anything like that.


  16. Thanks for fast and honest answers.

    To be clear with update troubles: I don’t mean the technical way of making updates with Headway. I think of widespread experience that after updates (WordPress or theme itsself) single things don’t work any more. Then it could become hard for non-coders. I don’t intend to make advertising for competitor thesis, but by just save and copy two “basic control and layout files” (custom.css and custom_functions.php) after updating, this really is safe and simple. “All” is controlled and determined by just two files, which are easy to handle without any update troubles can occur. Is it similar with Headway?

    Btw, very good idea with providing a demo at http://demo.headwayhq.com/

    • Headway has a custom folder that isolates the custom files. The only thing that’s different is that the custom.css file is in the theme root directory so the WordPress file editor can access it.


  17. I’m a WordPress.org newbie but am ready for Headway so I can custom design without any coding. But, I would like to know if Headway supports multiuser and shop functions. What are the easiest tools to use with Headway for that?

    • Yes, you can do custom designs without coding. As far as multi-user functionality, Headway does not support WordPress MU yet. For e-commerce, I recommend Shopp (proprietary) or WP-ecommerce (free). Shopp is much better though.

      • Hey Clay,
        Do you guys have an ETA on a release for WPMU? Is that even on the table?

        Followup question: Could it be tweaked to work in MU in it’s current state? I’m new to MU, but It seems like many themes do in fact work with it.

  18. Hello,
    I notice that there is certain criteria that must be met before I can use Headway. How can I sure my wordpress blog meets this before I make the purchase?

    Thank you!

    • The main requirement is PHP 5. You can ask your host if they support it. Another thing, you have to have a self-hosted WordPress website, not a WordPress.com one.

      • Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Now I really really want Headway.

        Hmm, don’t know what PHP 5 is…guess I’ll google it. I don’t have a host. Can you recommend one?

          • I’m sure no one is home. After all it’s Sunday. I’m ready to go on this but need some advice.

            I have a wordpress blog: http://lose3sizesfast.wordpress.com/
            I have an url: http://www.evasuzuki.com (sitting over at godaddy)
            I have the url pointed to the above wordpress blog

            When I order website hosting over at Hostgator and they ask for the url, which one do I use the wordpress blog url or the url that’s pointing to that blog?

            Thank you.

            p.s. I just pointed it so it may not reflect yet.

    • You use the domain that you own. You don’t own the WordPress.com domain. Once you sign up at HostGator you’ll have to disable the forwarding on that domain and switch some DNS servers (it should give instructions.)


  19. Okay – I admit I am a total dork. When Michael over at Remarkablogger said this was easy, I totally discounted the fact that I barely know how to turn on my laptop let alone create a theme. So I’ve already bought Headway and I have no idea what to do with it so that the sight I envision ends up looking similar. Is there anyone out there who can use what I purchased and create my site if I give you some direction? Thanks,

  20. Hi Clay!

    I have been searching for a customizable WordPress template OTHER than Thesis for a significant amount of time; I currently use a free template on WordPress.org. I have nothing against Thesis, but as a rule don’t like to do what everyone else is doing; I always assume there’s something better out there.

    It looks like I’ve finally found it!

    Here’s my question:
    I know my way around CSS, design, and basic coding, but my hesitation to go to Thesis is that I didn’t want my blog to look “dorky” while I was customizing my theme while my site is live. My site is growing subscribers rapidly at this point (which is why I need a distinct site/look/feel).
    Do you have a suggestion for me for how to best install Headway, learn to use it, customize it in a short amount of time (invisible to my readers) seamlessly? I have thought about setting up a new domain name/blog, installing Headway, customizing the site (play with it) to make sure I can make these steps quickly before I load it to my my “real” site.
    (Congrats, by the way! I can’t wait to make my Headway purchase!!)

    • Yeah, you can install Headway on a separate installation. After that, you can import all your posts and content to it and get Headway all set up like you want it.

      Once you’re satisfied, you can do a MySQL transfer (basically exporting, find and replace domain occurrences, reimporting, then changing the live wp-config.php to the new database) and transfer Headway files to the live site to get the new site live.


      • OK! Thanks for your quick reply.

        I’ll give it a go…
        I appreciate your time and assistance! I’m looking forward to finally having a true custom site.
        I am sure it will be worth the wait.

  21. Clay – Really liking what Headway has to offer. Definitely one of the top WordPress Themes on the market. I just featured Headway on WordPress Delight and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for Headway. Keep up the great work!

  22. Yo Clay!
    So I didn’t know anything about making websites this morning, stumbled across this this arvo and just payed for dev.download just know. Dont know whats next. haha…..

    – Question, do I need to pay a monthly payment… (“hosting??” ..) …for my page to work on the wordpress thing??
    How do I get the two to work together? at a bit of a loss…
    Just also paid for some names off godaddy… is that related at all to this at all?? haha.

    websitevirgin.com would be a good name for me at the moment! ha 😉

    cheers bro!
    – Qu

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