Headway 1.5 Is Live!

Well, it has been a long time, but Headway 1.5 is finally ready for the public! Thank you, beta testers :-).

You can log into the members’ area and download version 1.5 where you previously downloaded 1.0.1.

If you’re installing or upgrading 1.5, read the instructions. Yes, I’m even talking to you technologically advanced folks.

Click here for instructions on upgrading from 1.0.1 to 1.5

Click here if you’re installing 1.5 for the first time



  • NEW LEAF: Photo Gallery
  • Completely new interface.
  • Rearrange header with drag and drop.
  • Thumbnails for posts and excerpts. Automatically resizing.
  • Update nag. You’ll see a notification when an update is available.


  • Change the system in which data is stored. More future-proof and stable.
  • Multi-level drop down navigation.
  • Visual design editor. A new way to style virtually every element.
  • Drag and drop variables for post meta.
  • Copy leafs between pages and system pages.
  • CSS and JavaScript is now combined and compressed much more than before. They are also cached to reduce the server load.
  • Content Leaf:
    • Added next/previous links on single page.
    • Added options to choose what data to sort by and what order.
  • Image Rotator:
    • Can add unlimited images now.
    • Auto-resizes images to leaf dimensions.
  • Sidebar Leaf:
    • Got rid of duplicate checkbox. You simply type in the ID.
    • Name sidebars with a text box in the options instead of the leaf title.
  • Easy hooks panel uses a select box to minimize scrolling.

Bug Fixes:

  • Author link fixed.
  • Comment template fixed. Requiring login to comment should work.
  • HTML entity escape on automatic tweeting.
  • Headway is now MUCH less picky about it’s path. It can run within sub-directories like it should have.
  • And much more…

Code Changes:

  • All navigation selectors have changed back to WordPress’ defaults. Instead of current-page-item, it is now current_page_item.
  • custom.css and custom_functions.php are now loaded by default.

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  1. I found Headway through various searches for developing full websites using WordPress. it looks very interesting, but I’m afraid I still don’t know what the heck it does.

    I could not find any Screenshots, or videos of it in use and in action.

    It seems to be a way to customise the components and content areas for a WordPress blog Theme..but exactly how it does it and what it does is left up to my imagination.

    Is there anywhere that provides more information, screenshots and really explains properly what this tool does and how it works?

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