Headway 1.5 Preview – The Future is Now!

We have been hard at work finishing up all the new features for the soon to be released Headway 1.5  The plan is to have it out to the public in a matter of days.  In the mean time, you can view the video below to get an idea of what is coming to the WordPress blogging world.

You can also visit Danny Brown’s great blog and read his review of the new features of Headway 1.5 – Why Headway1.5 is the Future of WordPress Theme Design.

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  1. Cool video for sure. I would have liked to seen more about arranging the leafs. Like having multiple sidebar widgets on a page and rearranging them. Presumably that is possible.

    • Also the navigation. Being able to drag the navigation -anywhere- would have been nice also. Don’t like having to have it default to either above or below the header like that. I mean it can be done with custom CSS sure but would have been nice to see that you could say align it to top right if you wanted to without having to edit files.

  2. Stephen, not only is all of what you are suggesting on Headway, it can all be done without Custom.css. You can have multiple sidebar widgets on any page. You can have different sidebar setups on different pages too. And you can arrange them how you want. All without css and all inside the visual editor as you watch it happen.

    As for the navigation, you can move it from top to below the banner by dragging it and without custom.css. You can also move it from the right side to the left side by clicking a radio button. You can do color change, padding change and even link a navigation tab to a specific category without leaving the visual editor and without css.

    We will be posting more videos in the next few days covering all of this. Thanks for your questions and keep them coming.

    • Oh yeah definitely.

      The navigation thing is good, it was always a pain (for me) to deal with in 1.0

      I think with the multiple sidebar widget thing I was eluding more to whether or not the ability to have different types of positioning (fixed/absolute) was available. This would be to allow people to literally draw a leaf anywhere they wanted on a screen for example without having to be confined to stacking boxes.

      It was one of the suggestions I had made back in august, but it doesn’t look like it made it in ;(

  3. While we would love to answer everyone’s wish list, it is just not possible. There are going to be some things, even with Headway, which will require some custom.css. Not much, but there are a few.

  4. Yeah I understand. Seemed like a pretty logical step to me was all, and frankly the only thing that’s missing.

    Look forward to playing with the theme nonetheless.

  5. This is only the first of several videos I’ll be doing to show off the new features in Headway 1.5. Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss ’em.

    • And I will be adding a video on the navigation features of the new Headway 1.5 either tonight or tomorrow. Lots of good stuff and more videos to come.

  6. Hello Grant Griffiths
    First of all, Good job, the Headway theme 1.5 is a powerhouse, and I love all the new cool features that are loaded on it. I would say for average user, there is literary no need for custom CSS.

    One thing though, about the visual editor, it is a very smart feature and makes sense changing the page while seeing the results without having to switch pages. But this seem to load well on a page with little content, and it takes forever on pages or layout with lots of stuff, and sometimes things get scattered all around that you don’t real see what you want to see, and moving the panels around becomes an added task.

    Suggestion: I would be very useful and extra value if the old Layout editor would have been left there and in addition have the visual editor as it is now.

    Even better, if it would be possible to choose only some of the panels you need for visual editor, i.e. Only site configuration panel, or leaf panel or All of them. In turn I think this would dramatically reduce the loading time for all the controls to load at once, and also It would have given a user an option to use the old Layout editor in case the visual brings some issues.

    My blog is new and looks pretty with Headway theme, I am preparing some video workouts to help others get along well with it.


    • Phesto, I’m not Grant, but I’m part of the team here and happy to address what you mention. You do not have to use the visual editor in Headway. You can go to the configuration page and activate or deactivate the visual editor. Even with dual 25″ monitors, I still like to have a “clean” work area. What I do is click on the little “minus” signs at the top right corners of the control panels to minimize them. This keeps them stowed out of sight when I want to clear up some space.

      I’m really glad you are enjoying Headway and how you have the power to make your blog look the way you want. I don’t know exactly what’s in store for the editing capabilities for the next version, but I’m sure you’ll find them to be an improvement.

    • Thanks for becoming a member of our community. We are aware of the fact that some of our users are experiences some slow usage with the visual editor in 1.5. Rest assured we are working on fixing this issue. While I can’t say too much, there will be some editing features and/or configuration features which will be back in the Headway Admin panel in the Dashboard. While we would love to put as much as possible in the visual editor, we realize this is not practical.

      Thanks again.


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