Headway 1.5.5 Available

We’re excited to announce that Headway 1.5.5 is out of beta. You can download 1.5.5 in the members’ area.


  • If you’re already running Headway 1.5.1, just upload and activate.
  • If you’re on 1.0.1, you must use the Headway widgets preparation plugin prior to upgrading. For more, please see the documentation.

Besides having bug fixes, Headway has a new visual editor interface. The complete list of changes are below.


Bug Fixes:

  • Invisible visual editor bug fixed. No more creating new admin user.
  • Switching to tags system page from the layout chooser shouldn’t lead you to nowhere now.
  • Letter spacing of none/0 will save now.
  • A few easy hooks were messed up. Those should be fixed now.
  • Twitter Leaf/Feeds Optimized
  • Duplicate header/navigation all fixed.
  • Header upload and gallery upload should work now.

New Features:

  • Completely new interface! Already? Yes…
  • Visual editor speed.
  • Site Title: There have been numerous sites not using a tagline, thus having a title like “| Site Name”. I’ve added an if statement to remove that pipe character if the have no tagline.
  • Header link image URL: If the image uploader fails, you now have the ability to manually type in the URL to your header.
  • Mass Font Change: With one click of the mouse, you can change every single font on your site :twisted: .

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8 Responses

  1. Having been testing this the last couple of weeks, Clay, I can only say this is an amazing piece of kit and continues to set the bar for other developers to follow.


  2. A few quick presale questions.
    1. Does it work with wordpress-mu?
    2. Does it work with wordpress 2.9
    3. My current blog is more of a tumbleblog with custom templates/stylesheets on a per category basis. Does Headway still allow me to use custom templates per category while maintaining the visual drag and drop editor?

    thanks for your time, looks awesome from the short video I saw. I just wish you had an admin area demo so we could actually play with it first.

    • 1. Not yet. There are plans to make it compatible in the future.
      2. Yes. However, Headway doesn’t support the built-in post thumbnailing in 2.9. That will definitely be added when it’s released.
      3. You’ll have to stick to the same layout, but you could inject category specific CSS easily.


      • thank you for the information. It’s to bad about the answers, but I look forward to seeing what pops up in the future with this framework.

        IF the only mu issue is thumbs.. there are now fixes for that available.

        #2, I was more interested in how headway is going to deal with post-types combined with custom taxonomies, as that opens doors for wp way beyond just a blog to a full blown cms. Add in Justin Tadlocks new ‘snippets’ and the options become almost endless.

        It will be interesting to see how you tackle that, as no one is going to want to be locked into a single template view, esp with the introduction of the new 2.9 features. I’ve been playing with it a lot lately and frankly it’s amazing.

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