Headway 2.0.12 is live – Upgrade recommended

Headway 2.0.12 is released and it’s packed with bug fixes. Not only does it have bug fixes.  We also included some security fixes as well.

We pride ourselves on providing a secure product so when we find a security issue, we fix it immediately.

Our friends over at Sucuri recently came across a security bug in Headway 1.6.3 – 1.6.6  Which of course is over 13 revision ago.  However, we know there are a fair number of our community members still running this older version.  As Dre pointed out in his post.

The issues that were found with the release were patched well over a year ago, and notifications were sent via administrative alert.

That being said, if you are still running the older versions of Headway, please update to 2.0.12.  There are upgrade instructions for doing this located here. (The link requires you to login to the forums)

Please delete any version older than Headway 2.0  from the wp-content/themes You can also go to your Themes Panel in your WordPress Dashboard and remove those older versions.

Before you do any updates to either WordPress or Headway Themes, always, always backup.  There simply is no excuse for not having recent backups of your site available if you need them with tools like BackupBuddy available.

We’ve also updated TimThumb (our 3rd party image resizing library) who pushed out an updated yesterday as there was a potential security issue there.

As you can see with these two security features, we’ve taken great pride in making sure we have good clean code that’s error free.  As a WordPress theme/framework developer, we take serious the fact we are on the front lines of defense for just these types of matters.

However, if you as a user don’t keep WordPress up-to-date and Headway up-to-date, you run the risk of having issues.

We’ve also fixed some bugs and added a few new features with this release.

This is just a small list. To see the entire change log check the forums here.

  • Saving and Linking improved
  • Compatibility with Members v0.2 by Justin Tadlock
  • Improved compatibility with multisite and Domain Mapping plugin for multisite
  • HTML tags are stripped from the tag Changed Google Analytics message on Headway Configuration panel
  • Support for custom post type and taxonomies as system pages (both single and archive)

Finally, we’re also hard at work on the next version of Headway and hope to have a beta out in the next few weeks.

There is a lot going on with Headway this summer and we encourage you to take part. Later today we’ll be releasing a survey that will help mold the future of Headway.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to fill out the survey and to help contribute your thoughts and ideas.

And if you are new to Headway, make sure you take the chance to use our 2 year anniversary discount that will save you 30%. The code is Headway2years.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop me an email.  Grant@headwaythemes.com

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  1. I was walking a consulting client through some of the page template features in Headway and it struck me all over again how no other theme framework does what Headway can do.

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