Headway 2.0 Is Here

The long awaited release of Headway 2.0 is here and we are now live.  You are also looking at our new and completely redesigned Headway site and we are thrilled to be able to finally show it off to you.

What is new to Headway 2.0

Here is a list of the major features you will find in the biggest update we have released since Headway first came about over a year ago.

Quick Start Wizard

Starting from a fresh install, the quick start wizard will show immediately after loading the visual editor. Otherwise, you can run the wizard through the Tools menu in the visual editor.

The wizard will guide you step-by-step through choosing your layout, uploading your header image, building your site’s color scheme (it’ll even detect colors from your header image!), and selecting fonts. At the end, you’ll click a button to build your site and it’ll all be done in a snap!

Column System For Leafs

Those who have a more column-based layout will find the new columns system to be incredibly beneficial. Instead of jogging all of your leafs around, you can put them into columns and move and resize the entire columns with ease. Don’t fret, the previous layout system is still present. You can specify whether or not you want columns for the particular page in the visual editor.

Styles Manager

Before Headway 2.0, Headway came with 1 layout and you had to work from there. Headway 2.0 comes with 4 pre-loaded styles in the new Styles Manager, which allows you to save and load styles. You can also import and export styles just like before, but in a much more organized way!

Leaf Templates

Instead of linking pages and being locked into the layout of the page you are linking to, you can now save your leafs (and columns) into Leaf Templates. Leaf Templates can be loaded onto any page. Once a template is loaded, you can modify it just like any regular page.

Automatic Upgrades

Even though we think all of the other features in 2.0 are incredibly cool, we REALLY think this one is cool . No longer do you have to go to the Headway site, download the latest version, upload it, and activate it. Oh, and if you ever did any custom.css or used the custom folder in Headway, you won’t have to worry about transferring that to the new installation either. The automatic upgrader does it all with only a few clicks!

HUGE Speed Improvements and Optimizations

In 2.0, we rethunk (hey, we’re from Kansas!) how many things were coded in Headway. We’ve made major improvements to the visual editor to drastically reduce the amount of conflicts from third-party plugins and also make loading the visual editor MUCH faster. Also, we completely rewrote the content leaf to be more efficient and more stable than before.

WordPress Multi-site Support

Headway 2.0 now fully supports the WordPress multi-site feature. This was something many of our users asked for and we felt Headway 2.0 was a logical time to bring it in.

Feature Removal: Photo Gallery Leaf

This was a difficult consensus to reach amongst the team here, but we decided it would be best to remove the Photo Gallery leaf from the Headway core. We felt that the leaf was too complex to be in core. Also, the photo gallery was the only leaf that used the advanced leafs panel, making that a waste of space in the admin panel. If you’re screaming at us now, don’t worry! If you use the Photo Gallery leaf on your website (or wish to use it anyway), you will be able to download the leaf from the Headway Marketplace for free.

The evolution of Headway 1.7 to 2.0

I thought it might be beneficial for all of you to see how this new Headway 2.0 came about and what features, enhancements and fixes Clay and his team pushed out over the last few months.  This list is long and I for one if very excited about what was accomplished on this new version of Headway, Headway 2.0

Headway 1.7 Beta 2

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Style Importing
  • Visual Editor will now run properly if developer mode is enabled
  • Fixes to JavaScript in so featured leaf and rotator leaf will properly work
  • Wizard layout creator will now take the wrapper width and use percentages rather than use pixel values and expect a wrapper width of 960 Changes
  • .po file added to theme directory for internalization/localization
  • Magazine style will now have black/grey links instead of blue

Headway 1.7 Beta 3

Bug Fixes:

  • Featured leaf would cutoff at wrong point, this has been addressed
  • Certain fonts would not stick (Trebuchet MS, Arial Narrow, Arial Black, etc) and would revert after saving. That has also been fixed.


  • The .po file for translating has been expanding immensely to allow the visual editor to be translated.
  • There’s now a nag that will show up in the WordPress admin if the Headway folder has the wrong permissions (including cache folder)
  • The column styling has been moved to the design editor to keep things consistent. You can also choose to have no border for all containers and columns.
  • You can add background colors for columns and containers using the design editor.
  • When adding a leaf to a site using columns, the leaf is added to the top instead of the bottom.
  • The gaps between the columns, containers, and footer have been removed.
  • Equal column heights are back!
  • The automatic upgrader is now known as the automatic updater everywhere to avoid confusion.

Headway 1.7 Beta 4

Bug Fixes

  • •The meta boxes (SEO, alternate title, etc) would not display the proper value on the post and page write panel.
  • All navigation filters/hooks should now properly work.


  • Equal column heights are now controlled by JS rather than a CSS hack. The JS is extremely lightweight and can be disabled if you wish. This eliminates many bugs such as the post content not displaying if you click the comment link.
  • The content leaf options have been shuffled a bit to be easier to use. You can also filter by custom post types now and hide the post meta.
  • Text leaf will now parse WordPress shortcodes.
  • You can now enter exact numbers for the column widths rather than having a read-only input to show the width.

Headway 2.0 Beta 1

New Features

  • Live SEO preview for posts and pages
  • Ability to hide header, footer, navigation for specific pages right in visual editor
  • Many new elements can now have their hover styles edited
  • Ability to underline certain elements
  • Content leafs are now “splittable” on single post templates. Basically, by hiding the content or comments, you can have one content leaf that displays the content and another that displays the comments. Imagine being able to put leafs in between the content leafs .
  • Added support in visual editor to modify the layouts for single views of custom post types


  • More organized HTML • Ability to hide featured post images on a per post basis
  • Ability to hide featured post images on featured posts, excerpts, and small excerpts in the Headway configuration panel
  • Ability to show/hide small excerpts on a per leaf basis
  • Ability to make links in image rotator open in new window
  • Added version number to the Headway module in the admin panel


  • Aligned precise resize with other leaf controls
  • The color picker has been modified slightly to improve usability and fix a bug
  • Custom meta on featured leaf will only show the left
  • You cannot use the preview functionality on the theme to prevent accidental upgrade

Bug Fixes

  • Tagline changed to a span from an H1
  • noindex should now properly work on pages
  • Headway will now play nice with the Scribe SEO plugin again
  • Custom copyright producing odd characters is addressed

Headway 2.0 Beta 2

New Features

  • WordPress multi-site support


  • Completely new upload system. Much faster, doesn’t rely upon Flash and is all around better.
  • Optimized the size of Headway by removing many deprecated files, optimizing images, and so on.

Bug Fixes

  • Single postproperly closed.
  • If anyone has the messed up line height, it will automatically reset to a reasonable line height.
  • Skins API: Added stripslashes PHP function to the text inputs and text areas that developers can add.
  • SEO settings should no longer be brought in from the page another page is linked to.

Headway 2.0 RC

New Features

  • The new Text leaf with WISIWIG feature built in.

I think that is all as far as new features, enhancements and fixes for Headway 2.0

The Headway Website and Blog

If you have looked around the new Headway site, I hope you noticed all of the new stuff there.  From the new design to the new logo and branding.  We are also going to ramp up the blog posting on the Headway site. In fact, we already have a great list of Headway users who are going to be contributing on a regular basis to the blog content. And if you would like to do the same, please let me know.

We have also completely rebuilt and changed the Headway support system.  Since we have been offering email support almost from day one, we wanted to make it easier for both you and us.  As before, we do offer email support if you happen to run into something where help is not readily available on the forums.  And of course, there is still the community based forums and lots and lots of tutorials and videos provided right in the support system.  Just a reminder, the Headway email address is support@headwaythemes.com

Headway Documentation has also been completely redone which was required by Headway 2.0  And this was made possible by all of the hard work from our own Caitlin (a.k.a. MommyGeekology). Caitlin did a great job and spend a lot of time nailing the documentation.

You will also see some brand new videos from Michael Martine too.  Plus Headway community member AJ Morris has been doing some great videos which are included in the support area.

Our plan is to continue to build out tutorials and videos.  In fact, with Screensteps for the Mac and Zendesk, our new support system, we will be able to easily answer some questions and support inquires with tutorials. Which will only add to the knowledge of the Headway support area.

Last but not least for support, make sure you follow the Headway twitter account @headwaythemes as we will continue to provide answers to simple questions. Keeping in mind the limitations of only having 140 characters to work with.

Final Thoughts

Let us know what you think and if you do run into any questions, use your community support.  We look forward to a great future here at Headway Themes and know Headway 2.0 certainly gives us all a bright one too.

Spread the word!

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    • Thanks Chris. Headway 2.0 certainly would not have come to where it is without all of the help and input from the Headway community.

  1. Well Done!!

    I have been testing and using Headway 2.0B for a little bit, so I am very excited about this release. These updates will bring a new dimension to our blogs. And we will see a major difference in our presence.

    I feel honored to be part of this exciting and cool new era for us all that are using this Theme. And I welcome new users that now is ready to take advantage of this on their blogs.

    Cheers.. Are

    • Thanks Are,

      Your support over the last number of months has been great. Thanks for being a great contributor to the Headway community.

      • It’s on my list. I’m just trying to decide when to roll out the new design. I’ve got so many projects that I’m working on that I may wait until the holidays to tackle it. Regardless, you’ll be the first to know before I take it live, my friend!

  2. To say excellent work would be an understatement. How many melted midnight candles do you have laying around on your floor, guys?

    I will look seriously into getting Headway onto several websites that I am currently managing, including that of the Association of Due Diligence Professionals.

    How would that be for a plug – we believe in doing your homework before any decision, so how can we not have the best website creation system out there?

    • Easton — Thank you so much and we really appreciate your support. If there is anything we can do, as always we are glad to help.

  3. Headway is simply amazing and nothing else comes close for those wanting total control of their site and design elements.

    Definitely looking forward to using 2.0. Thanks for the update!


  4. Hi Grant,

    I was able to duplicate my Thesis site onto a second blog (click my name) during part of an afternoon, and this includes transferring the custom Hooks, CSS, and PHP.

    Now others are asking me how to do it.

    Nice job 🙂


  5. Would you consider putting the timestamp back on your blog posts so we can see what was posted when?

    Congrats on the new website design and the new version of Headway. It just keeps getting better and better, thanks to your hard work.

    • Kat – I just put the date back on. Sorry about that, I missed the fact we forgot to put that little bit of meta on the post.

      And thanks for the congrats. We are very pleased with Headway 2.0.x and the new site. It if fun to see more and more people joining the Headway community and using what we built to build their own sites and businesses with.

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