Headway 2.0.1 is Available!

Hi everyone!

Headway 2.0.1 is available as of early this morning. Not only that, but an entirely new website and support system has also been revealed, plus the long-awaited Holy Grail of documentation!

You can expect the new Headway Documentation to be of the same great quality as the tutorials you find here — because I wrote it! It’s available for public consumption, see it here.

A few notes for you if you haven’t upgraded yet:

If you’re on 1.6.6, log into the Headway site and read my instructions on the upgrade steps. This is the last time you’ll have to upgrade this way, folks. After this, it’s all automatic updates!

If you’re on a beta version of 1.7 or above, you can auto-upgrade, and it should be seamless.

If you encounter an issue, and 2.0.1 doesn’t look the way you want, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT switch back to 1.6.6. There are significant changes to the database during the upgrade, and 1.6.6 will NOT work properly without a database restore. To that end, I remind you — always back up your site — database included!! — before you take on an upgrade.

If you are shy about upgrading, let me know — I’ll upgrade your site for you, $50 flat fee. Contact me and we’ll set up a time. I can’t guarantee it’ll be immediately, depends on demand.

This site will also be undergoing a redesign shortly, and then you’ll see a whole bunch of new tutorials coming up for working with 2.0.1.

Happy Designing!!!

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  1. In your upgrade instructions “Detailed Upgrade Instructions from 1.6.6 to 2.0.1” you say:
    It is critical to UPDATE YOUR SITE – I think you mean BACKUP
    Thanks for the detailed instructions.

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