Headway 3.0.5 Released

We are pleased to be releasing Headway 3.0.5 today. It is choke full of just about everything, bug fixes, new features, and even enhancements. The full release notes are available here and on the forums. It’s definitely a worth while upgrade for everyone running Headway 3.0. I’ve included the changelog here for you to check out.

Before Updating

Please remember to backup before updating your site. If you’re looking for a great, reliable solution for backups, we highly recommend BackupBuddy.

Change log


  • Responsive Grid! — Automatic optimization for mobile devices! Can be enabled from the Grid mode under Setup » Responsive Grid
  • Grid Wizard!
  • Admin: Added an option to disable Headway caching directly from Headway » Options.
  • Admin: Added an option to remove query variables from enqueued static assets such as CSS and JS files. This will help to leverage browser caching.
  • Admin: Added a new meta box to posts and pages that allow you to add custom classes to posts or pages. The clases will be added to both the body and the containing `<div>`
  • Visual Editor: Mirrored blocks now say “Mirroring ##” beside the block ID
  • Visual Editor: All fluid height blocks now say “Height will auto-expand” at the bottom of the block
  • Visual Editor: Live CSS syntax highlighting can now be disabled directly in the Headway Options panel under the General tab.
  • Visual Editor: Added a tip about the Mass Block selection to the loading screen.
  • Visual Editor: If you hover over the block type text in the Grid mode, it now shows the block width
  • Visual Editor: Added in an action hook (headway_visual_editor-Save) that allows plugins to run a function when the save button is pressed in the Visual Editor
  • Content Block: Added next/previous post links below SIngle Posts in the Content Block. The visibility of these links can be toggled in the Display tab of the Content Block options.
  • Content Block: Added an option called “Entry Content Display” that allows you to force the entry content to display as a full entry, excerpt, or not at all.
  • Content Block: Added an option to hide all entries from the Content Block. This is useful if you want to use two Content Blocks where one shows the entry and the other shows the comments.
  • Content Block: Added an options named ‘Comments Visibility’ that allows you to force them to be shown or hidden.
  • Content Block: Added in basic 404 error handling to the Content Block if it’s set to the default mode.
  • Content Block: Registered body hyperlinks as elements so they can be edited in the Design Editor
  • Media Block: Image resizing/cropping can be disabled
  • Navigation Block: Added a filter (headway_navigation_block_query_args) around the query on the wp_nav_menu call in the navigation block.
  • Search Engine Optimization: If the SEO template is ‘%tagline% | %sitename%’ and the tagline is empty, then it will act as though the template is ‘%sitename%’
  • Child Theme API: If a child theme adds a comments.php file, then the Content Block will use it.
  • Miscellaneous: The post type on singular layouts is now added to the `<body>` element. On a single post, ‘post-type-post’ is added.


  • General: The default layout mechanism has been completely removed in favor of the new Grid Wizard
  • Layout Selector: The layout selector now no longer shows uncustomized layouts in the Manage and Design modes.
  • Layout Selector: The Edit button in the layout selector now says ‘View’ rather than ‘Edit’ when in the design mode.
  • Layout Selector: The revert button now no longer shows in the Manage and Design modes.
  • Visual Editor: When switching to an uncustomized layout, blocks are no longer automatically cloned. The Grid Wizard will be used instead.
  • Visual Editor: When adding a new template, blocks are no longer automatically cloned from the layout being viewed when Add Template was clicked. The Grid Wizard will be used here too.
  • Visual Editor: Increased the Visual Editor tooltip font size, line height, and max height
  • Admin: The Headway editor-style.css is now disabled if a child theme is active and it doesn’t support the design editor. Also, the editor style can be disabled if HEADWAY_DISABLE_EDITOR_STYLE is set to true.
  • Admin: The entry container background color from the Design Editor will now properly show up in the editor style.
  • Admin: The warnings on the Widgets and Menus panels about having no blocks now links directly to the Grid and only shows that error if the grid is active.
  • Admin Bar: Improved how the admin bar links to the Visual Editor when not on the homepage
  • Content Block: Featured posts now no longer show when the results are paginated. In other words, if you go to the second page on the index or any farther back, all posts will be excerpts.
  • Content Block: Move the post thumbnail options out of the Display tab and into a new tab called Featured Images
  • Footer Block: Took the IDs out of the elements in the Footer Block and replaced them with classes.
  • Footer Block: The footer block is now set to be fluid to accommodate to prevent truncated content
  • Header Block: Added a 20px bottom margin to the tagline to match the site name text’s top margin
  • Navigation Block: Increased the z-index of the sub menus so they show up over more elements
  • Miscellaneous: The CSS class option in the Config of every block now adds htmlspecialchars() applied to the contents to HTML accidentally inserted into the option does not mess up the HTML structure
  • Miscellaneous: Improved the aesthetics and message on the “No Blocks” message that shows up if there are no blocks added to the site.
  • Miscellaneous: Renamed the HeadwayWritePanelAPI class to HeadwayAdminMetaBoxAPI

Bug Fixes

  • Visual Editor: Fixed an issue with the hash in the URL of the Visual Editor causing the title to change to “Error!”
  • Visual Editor: Fixed an issue with multi-selects not saving in the Visual Editor if they were previously populated and the new value is nothing selected at all.
  • Visual Editor: Fixed the search functionality inside of the Visual Editor
  • Visual Editor: When resizing the browser to a very small width while viewing the visual editor, it will no longer cause the elements to become garbled.
  • Visual Editor Tour: Fixed a minor typo
  • Visual Editor: Fixed an occasional PHP error that would show up in the design editor.
  • Layout Selector: The layout selector now shows layouts that are assigned to the static home/blog if they have children.
  • Content Block: Fixed an issue where the excerpts more button would show up even when LoopBuddy was activated
  • Content Block: Pages in search results now have a hyperlinked title
  • Content Block: Content Blocks on the Single Post layout with the mode set to Custom Query should now properly add hyperlinks to the post titles.
  • Navigation Block: Fixed a CSS issue where navigation items would overlap in certain browsers.
  • Footer Block: Improved the margins of the links in the footer block
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed the URL to the affiliate program inside of Headway » Options
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed a small PHP warning on the system info page on certain hosting setups.
  • Miscellaneous: Renamed jquery.hoverIntent.js to jquery.hoverintent.js. Headway was trying to include jquery.hoverintent.js (notice the lowercase i) and was previously creating a 404.
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed an issue with the structural form CSS


Please remember to backup before updating your site. If you’re looking for a great, reliable solution for backups, we highly recommend BackupBuddy.

As always, the update is available via the automatic updater in the WordPress Admin panel. Or, if you wish, you can upgrade by downloading Headway 3.0.5 from the Members’ Dashboard and uploading it via FTP or the WordPress theme update.

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18 Responses

      • @GrantGriffiths@jardel

        “No, the upgrade path for 2.0.x to 3.0.x will be announced when it is ready.”

        That’s obvious. But can you provide any kind of an estimate of when that might be?

        Thank you.

        • @ScottSmith@jardel As we have stated numerous times. We are hoping to have the upgrade path out by Feb 1st.

        • @ScottSmith@GrantGriffiths@jardel Since our resources will now be allocated toward getting the marketplace and child themes live, the upgrade mechanism will not be available by February 1st.

          We will be extending support for 2.0 and hope to still get the upgrade mechanism out by the end of February.

        • @GrantGriffiths@jardel

          I don’t think most Headway users are aware that you stated this numerous times. I’m sure you didn’t mean to, but you come off rather rudely when you respond like that to a very valid question from a Headway user.

          From what I’ve read and seen, the launch of Headway 3 could have been handled much better, especially the long delay in the marketplace and child themes, and the upgrade path.

          I’m not a web designer, so my opinion may not matter much, but Headway 3 seems less, not more, user-friendly than Headway 2. Plus Headway 3 essentially forces you to relearn Headway all over again. But I do love the idea of grid and responsive design!

          Thank you.

        • @ScottSmith@GrantGriffiths@jardel I removed the comment to avoid confusion so I could replace it with mine.

          We have flat-out said that the launch was rushed and the launch date was early.

          We’ve pushed 5 (rather large) updates since 3.0 was released to add new features and fix bugs. Now that 3.0.5 is out, we’re focusing on the marketplace so that will be live shortly.

          As far as the upgrade path goes, Headway 3.0 is a completely different product than 2.0. I’ve stated this numerous times. We’ve provided existing customers with lifetime membership and have continued support for 2.0.13. We could’ve relaunched and rebranded Headway 3.0 as a new company and product (i.g. Frugal changing to Catalyst) and abandoned all existing customers. We’ve tried our hardest to stay fair to customers. The upgrade path is not available yet and I understand the frustration, but to convert the old data from 2.0 to 3.0 will not be as simply as moving it from point A to point B. There will be a ton of option mapping, math, and other crazy stuff involved.

        • @claygriffiths @ScottSmith @GrantGriffiths @jardel

          Thanks for the info. I think all online folks are the “only read it when you need it” kinda people. Even though this comment thread was last updated 8 days ago, I’m just now getting all this. *blush*

          I appreciate you putting the details in that message, btw. And it’s likely that you’ll get this question over and over, so you might copy and paste it so you can just slap it in every time.

          We all want to think our customers actually read notifications, but alas, they don’t. Seems your customers are the same (I’m evidence of that). Be patient with us – we’ll get it eventually. 🙂

          I’m excited about the 3.x and look forward to the map from 2.x to 3.x. It’s good to know that it’s really a different thing. Kinda exciting. (You know, studies show that the anticipation of something increases dopamine, so you’re kinda doing us a service – helping our wellbeing. Although if you mention that to your 2.x customers they might nut-up on you, so nevermind.)

          You guys did the right thing in keeping the HeadwayThemes brand – both from a customer standpoint (I don’t want to miss out) and from a company one (you already have tons of authority here).

          Thanks for explaining!

  1. Funny: “Visual Editor: When switching to an uncustomized layout, blocks are no longer automatically automatically cloned. The Grid Wizard will be used instead.”

  2. Are child themes “next up” on HW’s “to-do” list? I’m holding on to 2.0 until I can see my Child Theme options……..which I feel was made as a core “promise” to the 3.0 product launch……

    • @Ryan Oakley Child themes and the new marketplace are coming this month. And since you already owned Headway with 2.0.x, you of course you will get to redeem the number you get with your license.

  3. Is headway 3.05 ready for real use on clients sites do you think? I know that there has been a mad rush and you are trying to get it all perfect asap. But I don’t want to start using it with clients until it’s right. If you are now working on the marketplace does that mean you are happy with 3.05 ?

    • @EWforBusiness Headway 3.0.5 is definitely ready for prime time.

      We’re always going to be pushing out updates and adding new features, but that does not mean that the prior versions were not ready. It’s just the fact that we’re always coming up with new ideas :-).

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