Headway 3.0 – a small sneak peek

Below is a sneak peek at what we have been working on at Headway Themes this summer.

Headway 3.0 is coming along nicely.  Clay and his team are working their butts off on this new version of Headway.

What is most amazing is the fact that 3.0 truly takes Headway and how you will build your site to an entirely new level.  In addition to what Headway 3.0 is bringing, we are bringing Child Themes to the mix too.

Not only will we have a large selection of Child Themes of our own, we currently have 3 top notch theme companies on board building child themes for Headway.

Don’t wait for Headway 3.0 to buy your own copy

Currently, all Headway customers make a one time investment for Headway Themes. With that investment, you get lifetime support and updates and that is exactly what all of our current users will continue to get too.  Even with Headway 3.0

With Headway 3.0, our prices are going up and we will have a six month and/or 12 month renewal fee.  We want to make sure Headway Themes is a sustainable business well into the future.  And that we are around to provide you with the support and updates you have come to expect.

Keep in mind, current customers will not have to pay for renewals of Headway support and updates.  If you wait to become part of the Headway community when 3.0 comes out, you will.

Grab your own license for Headway Themes now.

And here is your sneak peek

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  1. Will 3.0 add any actual features?. Easier WYSIWYG editing is nice, but it’s a one-time thing.

    Oh, and please add a “subscribe by email” widget.

    • Headway 3.0 will have a number of new features and enhancements. We will have a lot more news on 3.0 coming soon.

    • If you wait to upgrade with Headway 3.0, the price for the licenses is going up. This means an upgrade to the developer license will be higher for those who decide to wait.

    • As it states in the video, later this summer. We are excited to get this out too. However, beta is coming out soon and we plan to have a beta period of at least a month.

      Those with the developer’s license get to use the beta version

  2. This DOES look exciting. I don’t want to be a downer, but people generally fear change a little. So I must ask what exactly will happen to the 20+ sites I’ve designed using the current leaf approach? Will they automatically be translated to the new grid system? Or will be be stuck in v2.0.12 until I completely recreate the sites in the new system? I sure hope there’s a good plan in place to migrate us. Thanks.

    • Right now we are exploring all options on this and will let everyone know just as soon as we make a decision.


    • At this time, “late summer” is the best we can do. Beta should be out in a couple of weeks if all goes well.

  3. I am very excited about the possibilities with the new 3.0 version. I look forward to seeing more information as soon as you can!

    Here are the questions I have after seeing this post:

    1. How are child themes different than skins?

    2. If they are different, will it be easier to create a child theme than it is to create a skin?

    3. Can any theme be adapted into a child theme easily?

    3. It looks like you are working with some great theme developers, will there be an all-you-can-eat license to have everything at once? Or will they all be a la carte?

    Please consider an all-you-can-eat plan. I would pay many hundreds of dollars for the convenience of having everything simplified under one purchase.


    • Child themes will be better in my view at least. They will not hender your use of the visual editor as Skins can. As far as easier to create, not sure there. I can tell you the API is being completely redone to make creating child themes a snap.

      We are considering an all you can eat plan for Headway built child themes and blocks. However, this plan will not include 3rd party child themes. It would be impossible for us to apply a fair split in the fees with 3rd party developers in an all you can eat plan.

  4. How does this renewal fee work if we already have a personal license but wish to upgrade to the developers license? Will we be grandfathered into the lifetime license even if we purchase the upgrade after the 3.0 release?

  5. Please explain more about how the grid system will work. This looks very interesting. I hope we will be able to copy grid elements like header and navigation across pages and posts and not have to manually draw them on each instance. Maybe a bullet point list of upcoming features would be good? Looks exciting!

    • Yes you can copy things from one to another. No we are not doing a bullet point list of features right now.

      The beta will be out soon for those with a developer’s license. I have no doubt everyone will be very pleased and impressed with what Headway 3.0 will offer to both the beginner user and the more advanced.

  6. Wow! How exciting! Can’t wait as we just landed 2 more clients for website design! HURRY!

    I would also like to volunteer to be one of the beta testers! How can I get added to the list of beta testers?

    And you make it so much easier to help with web performance! Really helps with local internet marketing!

    Thanks so much for grandfathering us in! Going to promote extra hard to sell you before your pricing structure changes!!


    • All developer license holders get the beta version to test for us. And thanks!!! We are very excited to bring Headway 3.0 to everyone. It truly is amazing.

  7. Will 3.0’s grid system include support for responsive design / responsive images to elegantly handle screen resolutions from monitors down to tablets and smartphones?

    • Just bumping this up a bit, Grant…after viewing the 960 Grid System materials you linked to, this idea sorta whet my appetite. It’s not a deal-breaker for me…just wondering if this sort of thing is on Headway’s radar.

    • I am sure there will be something in the near future for tablets and smartphones. However, I use an ipad and the Headway sites I view on the ipad look just like they do on my computer screen.

      As for the smartphone, we recommend PluginBuddy’s Mobile plugin.

  8. Also would be good to add a checkbox to the comments so we can track replies. “get notified of followup comments and replies to your comment”. It’s a common plugin.

  9. Hello Grant,

    Just reading about the release of HT 3.0.
    looking forward to the release.


    I have a developer license, will I have to pay or upgrade to use 3.0 and childthemes?

    Also I bought some leafs, will this work with HT 3.0
    If their will be or might be some expenses attached to new the platform bearing in mind I hold a developer license, can you please clarify. I dont mind paying but will like to know what I will be getting.

    Finally sites that I have built using Headway Themes, will the upgrade have a massive impact on them when I upgrade.

    thank you and looking forward to your response and HT 3.0.


    • As we have stated, those with current Headway licenses will never pay for updates and support. That includes the new version Headway 3.0

      Any add-ons currently in the marketplace will be updated to work on 3.0

      We are currently working on how the current 2.0.12 will be upgraded to 3.0

      • Hi Grant, I see you are quite the popular one here. 🙂

        My question to you, if I bought Headway 2.0.12 today for $164, when 3.0 comes out, it will not cost me anything to upgrade?

  10. You mentioned release to be later this summer. Fall begins Sept 21, just six weeks away. So should we see the final 3.0 before 9/21? Not pushing (tho’ I’m anxious for this new release), just want to plan accordingly. Thanks Clay and Grant for putting out a very sweet web design product.

    • We hope to get the beta out by September 1st. If all goes well with that, release to follow as soon as we feel it is ready. I would love to be out by Sept 21st. But we are not going to push this out until we know it is ready. Headway 3.0 is much more than an update. This is an entirely new product.

      • Thanks for the reply Grant. I figured “late summer” was too aggressive (you have to be careful with some of us developers as we take things a little to literal sometimes.) With what you have shown us this looks like a very well thought out and innovative update. I look forward to testing the beta (I own the developer license) and developing websites with the final release when ready. So would you say maybe mid-fall sometime? 😉 Just kidding I’ll try to be patient.

  11. where can I find a headway coupon code – the one i saw in your previous post no longer seems to work “head2years”

  12. This is really awesome! I am currently a user of Headway Theme and have built my salary news website using the powerful drag and drop features and loving them. When Headway 3.0 is out, I am planning to use it to build an ecommerce site! Headway FTW!

  13. 3.0 does look awesome. Something even I could work with – a relative newbie to using HW. Oh, by the way, yesterday was the first day of fall — late summer…well, it’s come and gone.

    Can you give an update on a release date?

  14. Grant

    Great news on the new version and well done for rewarding existing users regarding upgrade fees.

    Out of interest what is the music in the background of the video and is it free to use, if so where can I get it.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Just bought Headway today! Love it already!!
    Please don’t change the cost developers license upgrade when 3.0 comes out..please give us less fortunate a chance to get in at the low price point of $77. at least for a little while.

    • You will need to upgrade before 3.0 comes out as the price is going up for the developer license. And keep in mind, buying now gets you lifetime support and updates.

  16. Hi, I can’t wait for 3.0 to come out! I have at least five sites I need to build soon.

    When do you anticipate the release of 3.0?

    I’m trying to decide if I should wait before starting to build my new sites.

    Thanks, Lawrence

    • Headway 3 Beta 1 out either later today or tomorrow.

      Final pubic release date to be announced later this week.

  17. So if I have a personal license, when the new version comes out, do I lose my lifetime updates and support? Or do I just lose the lower developer upgrade price option?

    • You will definitely not lose your lifetime updates or support. All existing Headway 2.0 users before 3.0 is released will be grandfathered in.

      However, you will lose the price at which you can upgrade. That will be increasing.

  18. Hello All,

    I just came across Headway this evening & it looks like a dream for I’m not much good at design… just marketing (:

    I ran the thought of picking up a license of headway to a Internet coach of mine who found the following statement online (can’t trust everything one reads, but thought I’d see what folks here thought..):

    This framework is the biggest rip-off of them all. As soon as you’ve paid the $160 for your “full membership” you’re taken to your “dashboard” which promptly displays about 20 “addons” all of which cost between one quarter and one half of what you’ve just paid for membership. Example: WordPress themes are referred to as “skins” within HeadWay and are literally just carbon copies of regular WP themes with a few framework-specific tags thrown in the code. The kicker is that they cost at least twice as much as the original WP theme which I find to be a bit odd, considering I’d just paid about the most one ever would for the HeadWay theme/framework itself. Basically, buy this theme for $160, then you can buy overpriced WP themes for another $70 each that only work with HeadWay. That’s right: why just buy a WP theme when you could buy HeadWay first and then pay twice as much for the theme you originally wanted? Are you sick of all that money you have just lying around all over the place? Then go buy HeadWay!

    From what I can tell from the groups comments here & what I see in the online demos, this is not an accurate depiction of Headway. It sure looks good, but if it ends up costing a ton like the above comment…

    Love some feedback. Thx very much to you all.

    • That is a misstatement.

      What is true is you can build a site with Headway and use no add-ons at all. Or you can use add-ons and kick your site up some. With Headway 3.0, we will have Child Themes too. And yes, they will cost extra.

  19. I need to create multiple sales & squeeze pages… Is Headway a good option for these simple little sites?

    Currently I use Optimize Press, but it looks as though Headway could be great for these as well?

    Thx Much

  20. Thanks Grant. Appreciate you taking the time.

    So in a nutshell, having very limited design know-how/skill, I’ll be able to create very professional looking sites without the need to invest additional funds….

    Is that possible today -or- is that part of perks to the upgrade?

    Thx Again. It looks very nice. Just gotta be as sure as possible since there is no refund policy.

    All The Best

    • You can do that now even with limited skills. And you will be able to do it even easier with Headway 3.0 coming on the 25th.

  21. This is great news!!! If this is not the place to ask this please let me know… We are getting ready to launch our new site which is on Drupal (www.YourBeliefsMatter.com) & I want to use Headway to create the Blog portion.

    My intent (due to complications with the Drupal web designer) is to simply have the blog hosted on a separate hosting account from the Drupal site & design the Blog so that the menu items match the Drupal site.

    This way people can click the blog menu item & end up on our WordPress blog & click any menu item on the WP blog & be taken back to the Drupal site.

    It’s not a perfect plan, but I’m just doing what I can to use WP for what I having joined the group after they decided to go with Drupal.

    The blog is up now at http://www.JoanCameron.com. If you look, you’ll see the need for Headway (:

    Does this seem like a decent approach -or- am I showing my newbie colors???

    Thanks a ton. Really hopin’ to join up w Headway.


  22. Really my last question (:

    How stable would you say up beta upgrade will be out of the gate. We have several little sites to put together & tech issues could be a real issue given my limited know-how…

    The excitement builds!!

    • Not sure what you are asking, so I am guessing. Headway 3.0 will be very stable. After all we have had 3 betas so far and we have been hammering on it pretty hard.

      We never recommend building a production site on a beta.

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