Headway 3.0 Beta 1 Layout & Design Features – Settings, Header & Navigation

Ah, yes… the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Headway 3.0 Beta release. With that release, more features of the completely rewritten fast-as-hell code base are available for developer license-holders to play around with and provide feedback on.

In this video (which is longer than the previous ones I did for the beta at nearly 30 minutes) we cover in more depth some of the settings and design features:

  • Global design settings, and how to switch between global and page-specific settings (this is a totally genius feature)
  • How to create an image header
  • Design controls for the background, the “wrapper” (what constitutes the “page” of a web page) and the navigation bar

I’m going to say something here and I want to you know this is for real and not some “I’m on the Headway team rah-rah-rah” thing: I knew Headway 3.0 was going to be good. But I had no idea it was going to be this good. This is the very first beta release and even though there is stuff that doesn’t work (which you expect in a beta), I am far more impressed than I expected to be. Will you agree? Watch the video and ask yourself if any other commercial WordPress theme even comes close to this.

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  1. oh! yesterday, got the developer license and first thing, I did, I tested in a test site. Awesome work. its the same which, I was waiting for a long. hope for the improved beta version soon.

  2. Tested it yesterday. This thing is awesome. I can’t wait for full release. I was about to pay a developer money to do something that takes me two seconds in the new Headway

    – Instead of a header, I wanted a video widget on the left, and a widget on the right. Takes two seconds. here. Love it.

    • Final release really depends on beta testing and the input we get from those who test it for us. Thanks

  3. Great job! Looking forward to this.

    One suggestions… on the rounded corner settings. Maybe you can have a single button that when “on” has all four values (all four corners) linked so you can set them once. When “off” they are individually settable. I’d keep the window the same (always showing all four, with the same number when linked).

    Just an idea.


    • We always appreciate input and ideas from our users. However, there comes a point when we have to select those features to include and not include. While one idea may seem awesome. Adding a feature also adds what I like to call bloat to the code and sometimes that bloat is unnecessary too.

      While it would be nice to have the feature you are suggesting. It is not needed and would only add to the bloat. Adding to the bloat only adds to speed issues.

    • I like the idea.

      This won’t be making it in 3.0, but a feature similar to this may come in an update after 3.0.

      • This makes me happy! At some point, we (or at least I) realize that you have to draw a line or you would constantly be adding new things and never releasing anything!

  4. I love how I paid $162 and I wont even get this release cause I’ve been banned for asking for a refund.

  5. Hi, I already have a personal license and thinking of upgrading to developer to start using Headway 3.0. My WordPress version is still 3.1. Is it enough or do also I need to upgrade it? Thanks.

    • For Headway 3, you will need to be running the most current version of WordPress. And just as important, it is a must to keep your versions of WordPress up to date for security reasons. Many times an update to WordPress is done to provide a security update.

      Finally, before you do any updates to either Headway or WordPress, make sure you backup your site. We always recommend BackupBuddy for this too.

          • Thanks, I think I’ll go for the upgrade to 3.0.
            By the way, I can’t find the Headway Marketplace. From what I read, I think it can’t be the few examples showed on my dashboard. Will it be accessible only to 3.0 users?

        • While we appreciate the enthusiasm beta software is for testing and debugging, not for mission-critical applications. You should never use a beta product for live/production situations.

          You could create a second test installation in order to try importing things like templates or custom CSS from your beta copy to final. If it works in your testing, then you’ll know it will probably work “live” as well.

  6. 3 questions-

    1) Can we see a list of the types of Blocks that will be available once the full version of the beta is released?

    2) Will I be able to migrate a site over that I build in the Beta over to the full version?

    3) Will there still be a way to create a floating header? Perhaps a special block type for this?


    • Gary-

      1. All of the current built in Leafs will be Blocks with one exception. We are doing away with the twitter one. Reason, twitter’s API is awful and they change it all the time. We will be adding more core Blocks to Headway too.

      2. I doubt it. Beta 1 is not even a complete functioning Headway. Beta 2 may have some things shut off too. I would wait for final release of Headway 3, which is not that far off.

      3. Not in the immediate future. But, we will certainly look at this.

  7. I am really, really loving this beta. The one thing, though, that I have always felt was missing from Headway, is some sort of featured posts slider. I know it’s available as a secondary purchase, but it seems like something that should come standard with the theme, since it’s pretty standard in most WP themes these days.

    • Its pretty standard on themes and child themes. We will have child themes with such features built in. However, since a 3rd party developer has taken the time and work to build one in Gallery +, we don’t want to step in on that and take sales away from him.

  8. Will Headway 3.0 be fully localization ready? I need a framework in which I can translate all texts, e.g. “Posted in”,”Comments”,”Tags”, etc., to other languages.

    When I testes ver 2.x, this was not possible.

    • This is definitely something which should be emphasized.. I talk here more about a more deeply integration with WPML. For example it would be awesome to have native multi-language capabilities also in the blocks aka leafs with WPML.. (would be much nicer than the workaround with gettext which never actually did the trick fully satisfied).
      I think this would be a smart move for Headway to become also a global leader in WP themes cause we using a lot multi-language functions..

  9. Great vid Michael – answered most of my questions.
    Is the second video out yet.
    I’d like to start styling the other blocks.

    Question – can blocks be overlapping?
    I’m guessing not.

    BTW – a built in colour picker would be useful.
    Dreamweaver – eat your heart out.

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