Headway 3.0 Beta Video Tour Part 1

The Beta is almost ready! If you have a developer’s license, keep an eye on your inbox and on Twitter for when the announcement breaks.

Meantime, I’m priming the pump by putting together some videos to show what awaits you. In this first one, we’re taking just quick look at a tour that shows new users around the Headway Visual Editor. This video is 2:49 long, so it’s a quick watch. If you can’t see it in your reader or email, be sure to click on the headline to visit the blog post directly.

As you can see, 3.0’s Visual Editor has grown up into a friendly design environment, with major functional areas having their own frame within the window:

  • Layout and Design have separate controls, so you can focus on page structure separately from visual elements like color.
  • The Layout Selector on the left lets you drill down to what you’re editing.
  • The Control Panel at the bottom shows you the details and individual element controls of what you’ve chosen to edit.
  • The Layout Selector and the Control Panel are collapsible and expandable.

Be sure to subscribe to the Headway blog for more videos as they come while we get closer to releasing the Headway 3.0 Beta.

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  1. Grant,
    Maybe I’m missing something, but what am I seeing here? Is this a 13-column grid? Anyhow, looking forward to 3.0.

  2. Looking good!
    One thing though, I kinda think the design of the “Panel Options” looks too wide, therefore takes too much screen. I know you probably plan to add more options in there, but still if you can consider of making it more subtle, or maybe create another skin… or a drag option…
    Looking forward for this!

    • Perhaps, but you can minimize both the left panel and the bottom panel. That is if I am following what you are saying.

    • I should mention I reduce the browser window size considerably to do screencasts. At full size the proportions are much better. 🙂

      I don’t record screencasts at full size because everything would be so tiny you couldn’t see it or I’d have to be even more zoomed in than I am, which would be disorienting and cause the viewer to lose a sense of context regarding the overall environment.

      • Hi Michael, Maybe you are right and the feeling i got of the tight proportions is due to the screencast resolution. I’ll have to see it for myself on my screen when the beta is released …
        Grant, I did notice the minimize option, but that is not what i was referring to. When the panels are open it just looks like they take too much screen when they can take less, perhaps 70px less..
        But those are minor details, the entire thing looks great, cant wait to test it myself 🙂

        • Here is a screenshot of my browser with the Headway 3.0 Visual Editor in a maximized screen:


          Personally, I could probably do with a slightly slimmer toolbar for the bottom control panel and perhaps a slimmer sidebar where you choose items to modify. However, there is still to my mind plenty of room to select stuff and see your work live onscreen.

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