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    • We will be offering Headway child themes on the Headway website when 3.0 launches.

      Also, we’ll be offering packages that include child themes ;).

    • Albert-

      We will have a Marketplace right on the Headway site for our child themes and those of 3rd party developers.

  1. Awesome work guys! Well done! You should be very proud of what you accomplished so far…! I am very proud for using Headway also!! 😉

    PS) 7 Days left…

  2. If I buy the Personal plan before November 25, will I still be able to upgrade to the Developer plan for $77 after November 25th? Thanks!

    • Not at the $77 upgrade fee. Our current TOS only applies to the license you have as of the release of Headway 3,0.

  3. Hello Grant,

    I just purchased Headway this month before you announced the new version. Will I need to purchase the entire new version? or will there be a smaller fee to upgrade to the newer version?

    I do enjoy Headway and want to continue to grow with this. Thanks.

    • Since you ordered before the 25th, you won’t need to purchase the new version or pay a fee to upgrade. We stand by what we advertised :).

      If you do order after the 25th, you will have to pay a renewal fee every year to keep your access to updates and support. However, you upgraded before the 25th. You’re all set!

  4. Hi Guys

    What is the music in the video and can it be used freely?

    Sounds just like “Clocks” from Coldplay.

    Will there be any child themes free of charge, I already have a developer licence.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I have been watching and waiting for this release for awhile. Very cool stuff. For those who have not yet purchased and were considering this… NOW is the time to buy. Don’t wait until the 25th!

  6. I’ve never been this excited about Black Friday! 🙂

    I’ll be out of town, so I *might* have to wait till I get back to see it and play with it, but I’ll probably check in and see how things are going over the weekend!

    Thanks for all your work (and for pre-3.0 free upgrades/support for life)!

  7. Really interesting stuff, I’ve been waiting for Headway 3.0 and looking forward to play with it once I get the final release!

    Thanks for the great work, you guys rocks!

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