Headway 3.2.5 Released with New Features, Bug Fixes

Headway 3.2.5 is out! There are a few great additions that we know you’ve been looking forward to – like a new block – the Text Block! With a full WYSIWYG input, you can add text, links, block quotes, lists, headings, stylized/colored text … loads of opportunity there and great for your layouts.

We’ve also got a new feature for the Content Block – you can display the post thumbnails above the title, the full width of the post. Great for those of you who are adding beautiful, quality images to your blog posts.

We’ve also got a bunch of little bug fixes and changes that should make your Headway experience better, so check it out! The official changelog is below.

Change Log


  • Text Block: Added a simple text block that takes advantage of the new WYSIWYG input
  • Content Block: Added more options for featured post images including the ability to place them horizontally above the title or above the content
  • Design Editor: Added background position and background attachment controls to the Background property group in the Design Editor
  • Design Editor: Added “fonts” top the properties available for blocks
  • Visual Editor: Added a WYSIWYG input to the panel and block options API
  • Admin: Re-added the affiliate link option to the admin and use it again in the Footer Block


  • Design Editor: Improved how element data defaults are handled. The ‘headway_element_data_defaults’ is now ran at the proper time
  • Grid: Better handling of block grid positions and dimensions in the Visual Editor

Bug Fixes

  • Content Block: Fixed and issue with %comments_no_link% parsing as %comments% with a link in the Content Block meta
  • Content Block: Content block no longer uses “showposts” it now only uses “posts_per_page”
  • Design Editor: Fixed the CSS selectors for the Content Block’s More Link element states
  • Design Editor: When clicking on Customize on a property that uses a select in the Design Editor wouldn’t always push the first value. Instead, you’d have to select another option, then back to the one you want. This has been addressed.
  • Design Editor: Design Editor Inspector now works properly when switching layouts in the Design Mode
  • Grid: Grid Wizard should now no longer freeze when cloning another layout
  • Grid: Overlapping blocks are now handled better in the Grid. When you mouseover a block, it’ll automatically go to the top layer to insure that it is draggable
  • SEO: Backslashes are now stripped from SEO title and meta
  • Visual Editor: Fixed issues where if you switch a block type then open the options it’d be opening the old block type options
  • Visual Editor: Switching block types in Manage mode now properly works
  • Visual Editor: Fixed an issue where editing an option for a new block would cause the Visual Editor to lock up
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed various i18n’d strings
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed a PHP notice in grid-renderer.php
  • Miscellaneous: Improved compatibility with Justin Tadlock’s members plugin


As always, please remember to backup before updating your site. If you’re looking for a great, reliable solution for backups, we highly recommend BackupBuddy.

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