Headway 4 and new block features

Take a look at the new block features in Headway 4!


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  1. I just installed v404.

    Can the Visual Editor open in a new tab/window? Right after installation, it opens in place of the Dashboard. Took me less than a minute to notice the WP (Admin) drop-down, oddly off to the top-right. Same thing happens when clicking on “Headway” from the Dashboard menu.

    Ironically clicking on “Admin > Dashboard” opens in a new window. Kind of backwards in my opinion.

    I know we can right-click/ctrl-click and all that other stuff. Just frustrating when it happens unsuspectingly and the user is left wondering, at least the first couple times, “how do I get back to the Dashboard?”

    Otherwise, after about 30 minutes this looks good.

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