Headway 4 Preview: Part 3

Headway 4 is coming very soon! All customers with a valid license will get this upgrade for free so you can purchase now and know that you will have access to version 4 as soon as it is released.


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  1. Any word on when the release will be? The previews appear to have stopped but they have me on the edge of my seat in anticipation!

    • We will be releasing a 3rd release candidate soon. I would expect the stable release soon after as long as testing goes well. Glad you are on the edge of your seat. We are too!

  2. How is the CSS organized? I like to organize CSS top down based on Page Layout (it is sort of impossible but i try) does the CSS just “pile up” What about Media Queries, how does that CSS “know” where to go on the Live CSS?

  3. I’ve only been a Headway user for a short time and already I’ve grown to like it very much. Release 4 looks like it will be a terrific improvement over an already great bit of software. Can’t wait to start using it!

  4. This is amazing! I’m Looking forward to the release! However, I was hoping to see some more blocks for things like tabs, accordions, blurbs, etc. And then of course, better pre-styling options for menus and mobile menus. And how about a content page builder; using headway as a page content editor instead of the WordPress wysiwyg? Please consider it.

    • Hi David,

      We’re glad you like what you’ve seen so far! We have much more planned for Headway 4 but it can’t all be in the initial release. We’re working on several new blocks in addition to the new map block. We are working on at least one additional option for a mobile navigation. A content page builder is not something that I see ever being built-in to Headway but you never know 🙂

  5. Looks amazing. I hope that down the road we will be able to create a mobile and tablet site from scratch, different from the main site.

  6. The new Design Studio looks more robust. One of the great things with CSSHero and SiteOrigins CSS Editor is that both allow users to not only see but also change ANY CSS on a page/post including CSS set by other plugins. Still not clear that Headway 4 will permit this?? Also when will Headway become an officially supported theme in CSSHero

  7. Hope Headway becomes an official theme for CSSHero even thogh Design Studio/Editor for Headway 4 looks very promising.

  8. After the release of version4.0 release.
    We can try it online ?
    Demo will be updated to the 4.0 version of it?

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