Headway Child Themes Are Coming With 3.0

You may have noticed we have been talking a lot lately about what is coming with Headway 3.0.  And one of the features coming will be Child Themes.

All of us are extremely excited to add Headway Child Themes to our Marketplace.  And with the introduction of Child Themes will be a brand new API for developers.  This new API will make it very easy for developers to build amazing Headway Child Themes.


We started to discuss our Marketplace months ago with 3rd party developers and the reactions have been amazing. While it is amazing to have developers building Child Themes and new Blocks for Headway, we wanted to make sure there was a place for them to promote them too.

The Marketplace on the newly designed Headway site will give 3rd party developers and us such a place.  And best of all, we will put no limits on developers also promoting their work on their own site.  Basically, while we want to market 3rd party developers’ new Headway Child Themes, we don’t want to limit them on doing the same on their own site.

And yes, there will be a split between Headway and 3rd party developers on each sale if the sale takes place in our Marketplace.  Not when they sell the same Child Theme on their own site.

The same will go for 3rd party developed Blocks.  Chris Howard and the crew over at Web Dev Studios are already working to get their great add-on Leafs converted over to Blocks for Headway 3.0.

Child Themes

What you see here is a first peek at one of the new Child Themes we will be introducing with Headway 3.0

The new Daily Bulletin Child Theme will give its user many options for transmitting

Daily Bulletin

information to their readers.

From text to videos, you will be able to get the message out.

Here’s what is included:

  • Unlimited layout options.
  • Different color schemes to pick from
  • Widgets where you want
  • Various page templates to get you up and going quick
  • Headway’s amazing search engine optimization
  • Unlimited domains so you can use it on as many sites as you want
  • Rock solid and responsive support from the Headway Support Team and our great community

Like all of the Headway Child Themes, you will need to Headway Base too.  More details coming on that very soon.


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  1. Really interested in seeing what the new API will offer and what child themes will be offered when v3 comes out. Exciting times ahead for Headway users.

    Might actually have to learn how to create child themes using Headway 3. Give myself a new challenge for the new year ahead.

    • Craig-

      AJ gave a bit of a look at the new API for blocks and it rocks. The new Child Theme API will be just as easy to use.

      And please do considering building a new Headway Child Theme.

      • Yeah, saw AJ’s screencasts, looked pretty cool. If the API for child themes is going to be as easy to use, then I will definitely spend some time delving in and learning all about both Block and Child Theme creation!

        Good times ahead 😉

      • Current license holders are going to get some free stuff. Those with a personal license, will get to pick 1 free child theme. Current Developer License holders will get to pick 3 child themes for free too. And you don’t have to pick them right away on the 25th. You can wait for us to release more if you want.

          • No, you get three if you have developer license. If you are going to want more, you will need to purchase more.

        • There will be two options. When the themes are available, you will be able to choose them during checkout or you can save the credits for later and redeem them when you see the theme(s) that you really love :-).

        • @soulmenj

          The Developer and Personal plans from pre-3.0 are completely different than the plans now. However, to put things into perspective a little better, the Developer plan is comparable to the Standard plan, but the Developer plan also has a few perks that the All-Access plan has.

  2. Would love to see a buddypress child theme!

    Also I’m loving the different block possiblilities (like the mailchimp and social blocks on A J’s webcasts). Are you going to publish a post teasing us with all the possible premium blocks as well?

    Great job guys! I never thought I’d be able to create a kickass website until I discovered Headway.

    • Hey Michael

      We do plan to have a selection of BuddyPress Child Themes. However, I doubt if they will be ready the day we release 3.0

      Not sure we will have time to do a post showing the new Blocks this week. But, if we do, we sure will.

    • Those who own a developer’s license prior to 3.0 get the child themes you mentioned. Plus, beta access and at least one webinar a month for developers.

    • Thanks Steven. We felt the fairest way to have a marketplace was to allow our 3rd party developers to also be able to market on their own if they want.

      After all, what is one thing people will need if they buy a Headway child theme from a Headway child theme developer. Yup, Headway.

  3. I’ve been watching to see when the child themes will be available, and they can help me sell your framework to clients if they have something to look at. Any ETA?

    •  @afroniquely We’re shooting to have them available next week.  
      If you have a Headway Base license, you will not receive any child themes for free (unless the theme is already free).  However, if you have the Standard license or higher, then you will get the themes included in those licenses.

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