Headway Community is Active on Twitter – Are you?


If you don’t already know, all of us at Headway Themes are very active on twitter.  The official twitter hashtag for Headway Themes is #headwaywp.  I would strongly suggest you set up a search column in your favorite twitter client and keep track of the conversation taking place.

Doing so will provide you with a ready source of people eager to assist you with questions and offer up tutorials and help.  We have a great twitter community of Headway users too. And they are eager to help each other out.

One other activity we are doing with twitter is a regular Wednesday evening twitter chat around the #headwaywp hashtag. Just this last week, @johnhaydon joined us as co-host.  John discussed and answered questions about Facebook. It was a great conversation.

Plus, you will even find the official Headway Themes support crew on twitter and in the #headwaywp hashtag answer questions and providing support.  At least as much support as you can do with 140 characters.

Here is the Headway crew, follow us if you aren’t already.

Don’t forget the regular Wednesday evening twitter chat. We are doing those weekly at 8pm CST and so far we have had some great conversations.

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