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It was one year ago this week when Clay wrote the first line of code for Headway. Needless to say, we have seen a lot of changes, new features and innovation since then. We have gone from version 1.0 to what we pushed out today, 1.6.3 And we have more changes, features and innovations on the to-do list which we will bring your way in the very near future. I am actually amazed when I see what Clay has in store for all of you.

In celebration of today’s launch, we are offering a 33%-off coupon for Headway! This coupon is valid only for today. Coupon Code: oneyear.

Today, not only are we pushing out 1.6.3, we are also excited to announce something we have been planning and working on for sometime. This is something we actually started to think about shortly after we launched Headway on July 31st last year. We knew once developers and innovators started to use Headway, we would see an interest in developing Skins and even Leafs for the Headway WordPress Framework. We knew the community would see this as an opportunity to not only take advantage of the Headway Framework, but also a way to give back to the Headway community.

Headway Marketplace

Clay and I are very excited to be in a position where we can offer to you the Headway Marketplace. The Marketplace is where you will find Headway specific Skins and premium Leafs. Not only will we be placing in the Marketplace Skins and Leafs we build. You, the Headway community will have the opportunity to do the same. You will find the details of how this will work in the Marketplace Developers tab in the Marketplace.

You will notice there will be free Skins and Leafs, as well as premium products too. While we will strive to provide free items. There will be some outstanding and amazing premium Skins and Leafs which will make your Headway site even that much more powerful.

Headway Leafs

You will find a great selection of new Leafs in the Marketplace. Some of the Leafs will be free offerings which you can upload and install in your WordPress plugin panel. Others will be what we like to refer to as premium Leafs. Both the free ones and the premium Leafs will be designed and developed by Clay and/or our users. We are excited for the future of Leaf development as we see what you, the Headway users come up with which will only add to the functionality of Headway.

Headway Skins

Skins for Headway provide a way to get your site up and running as fast as possible. On a technical level, Headway skins consist of images, CSS, and custom PHP functions. Unlike other themes, Headway does not employ child themes. Its skins API uses the WordPress plugin architecture.

Clay and I were thrilled when Jason Schuller of Press75 fame agreed that offering his themes as Headway Skins would be a great idea. If you have never seen Jason’s themes, they are both beautifully done and very functional.

Here is what Jason says about his themes and we could not agree more:

Why choose Press75.com? In short, my themes are unique, clean and efficient with several key customization and content management options. Basically, you get everything you need and absolutely nothing you don’t.

By porting Jason’s themes into Headway, not only are you getting all of the great features and benefits of Press75, you are getting all of the functionality of Headway too. Just imagine if you will, having a Skin that looks like Jason’s Workplace theme and have the ability to customize it with the leafs and layout you want. And imagine taking that same theme and using Headway, changing the layout and leafs when you need to make changes. And doing so with the ease Headway allows.

We are pleased to make the first offer of the collaboration between Press75 and Headway, the Workplace Skin.

Work Place

A colorful business centric theme with several options allowing you to put your best content forward. The Work Place theme theme options page includes configuration and management for several key display and content customization tasks. Easily add your own logo and manage content settings without touching a single theme file. With Headway and The Work Place theme you can add Leafs and widgets which allow you to customize your site however you want. You can use the Featured Content widget which allows you to display featured content (posts) within the sidebar with numerous different configuration options. There is are also all of the other widgets and Leafs available to you inside Headway.

Workplace will be our first premium Headway Skin. You can find more information and pricing in the Marketplace.


If you don’t know Chris Howard, you should. Chris can be found on his own site at 341 Design. And if you have spent any time on the Headway forums you have seen first hand how knowledgeable Chris is when it comes to Headway. Chris has taken Headway and skins by the horns and come up with a first offering that is just amazing. Just wait until you get into the skin panel in Headway and see what Chris has to offer you. This skin gives you the ability to pick different color options, header image options and even backgrounds. And if that isn’t enough, you can use your own header image if you want. This set of Headway skins will also be in the premium selection in the Marketplace.

Corey Freeman

There was no way we could open the Headway Marketplace without including not only one, but two skins from Corey Freeman. Corey has been one of our biggest supporters from day one of Headway. If you use Headway or are thinking about Headway, you need to be a regular reader of her great blog, Headway Hacks.

Corey has three offerings included the Headway Marketplace.

  • Elegant
  • Clean
  • Monochromatic

We are sure Corey will be a regular contributor to not only the Skin store in the Marketplace, but the Leafs too.

More Skins and Leafs to come

What you see in the Marketplace now is just the initial offering. There are going to be a lot more Leafs coming and very soon too. Not only is Clay working on some amazing stuff to add to Headway. We have developers already sending us new stuff to take a look at to add.

The Skins coming down the road are going to be amazing too. Just like with Leafs, we have Headway Developers already designing and building some amazing stuff which will be added just as soon as they are ready. And of course we will continue to port over some of the great themes Jason has over at Press75.

Thank You

Clay and I would like to take the last bit of this post to say thank you. Thank you to all of you who are part of the Headway community. The other day on twitter, someone tweeted that the Headway community actually feels more like a family and they are right. We are very pleased, excited and humbled by what Headway has become since that first line of code was written one year ago. We have seen some amazing sites built with Headway. And we have even seen businesses launched using a Headway powered site. And that is very rewarding for us.

We know there have been some bumps along the way as we all traveled this road together over the last 12 months and we are grateful for all of your support and encouragement along the way. As I mentioned above, while we are pushing out 1.6.3 and the new Marketplace, this is certainly not going to be the final chapter. Clay is already working on new and innovating ideas for Headway. And, rest assured we always listen to you and take all of your suggestions and advice to heart.

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  1. Congratulations, guys – seriously. What you’ve achieved with Headway is nothing short of brilliant. You’ve really opened up easy blog and website design for the non-tech folks (I should know, I’m one), as well as making it sturdy enough for the “hardcore guys” as well (as seen by Mr Howard’s awesome designs).

    Thank you for all you’ve done for Headway, and here’s to the next year and beyond.

    Oh and Press75 as Skins? Un-freakin’-believable!

    Slainte! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Danny and thanks for being such an important part of our success. We are thrilled to have Jason and Press75 working with us to port his great themes over to Headway as skins. Corey Freeman and Chris Howard have also given us some great initial offerings too.

    Lots of cool stuff yet to come.

  3. Thanks, Danny! πŸ™‚

    And Grant.

    And, Sunday341 was just a first off Skin where I was learning a lot as I went. So I imagine future ones will be even smicker!

  4. Congratulations! Headway has renewed my interest in WordPress theming. I also love showing it off- the look on faces of people I show tell me that Headway is really the future of personal publishing

  5. I am a HUGE fan of Headway, and I congratulate you on your success. When I purchased Headway I was the poster child “newbie” of website building. I have learned a lot along the way to getting my site to where it is now, but without a flexible, workable, user-friendly theme like Headway I know for sure that I would have given up long ago. Please keep up the good work, and I look forward to continually growing and building my website along with you guys.

  6. Well I’d say great work on your first year and look forward to seeing how it keeps developing and pushing onwards & upwards….but unfortunately I can’t as I’m too dissapointed about finding I missed out on the one day promo!! πŸ˜‰

  7. Is there any documentation somewhere that will show us what has changed from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3? I looked around the site, but was not able to find anything. Thanks!

  8. I am really looking forward to the countless projects I am finally able to handle on my own now – Many thanks for that!

    Keep the community and the development alive and Headway could indeed be the future of personal publishing!

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