Headway Quick Vid Editing Template

In this quick screencast we talk about editing a Headway Template. Headway Templates are new with Headway 3.6. The template I use for this screencast is the Whitewash template. You can purchase it in the Extend marketplace.

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  1. Nice video. Can you make clear what the Remove Template button is for? Seems I just uploaded a template that I want to make some edits to, yet I’m seeing a message “to edit this layout, remove the template from this layout.” Yet in the video you seem to ignore this and make edits anyway.

    • Hi PeterG – you click on the Edit button from the Currently Editing Dropown – It appears next to the Use Template Button. He mentions it in the first minute or so of the video.

  2. Everything becomes easy once the almost obvious is divulged. I won’t say how long I tried to edit the look/feel before finding this video tutorial. 🙂

  3. How can I globally edit the color used in this template? I want to add my own logo and match the accent color of the logo (blue) so blue replaces the purple menu background and purple link font color used in Whitewash?

    • Thomas,

      If the block is a Text block then you can right-click on it then click ‘Open Block Options’. Then, you can change the whatever is in the block by changing the ‘Content’ setting.

      If you want to change the background images for blocks you can do so in the Visual Editor. Simply right-click on the block and select the element you’d like to edit.

  4. I created a template by using the template button in the upper right corner that shows Headway Base and other templates. I exported it and uploaded it to a new site. I opened the block options and made some changes and saved but the changes did not actually save. I cleared cache etc. but the changes never showed up. How are you supposed to edit a template?

        • I don’t recall there being any such bug but we are on version 3.7.8 so it’s hard to remember everything. You can try upgrading each site to 3.7.8, re-doing the export and then import.

  5. Thanks! Was trying to add a menu just above the footer on the LOOP template by adding another wrapper to put it in. For some reason it didn’t want to display the footer after that. Was able to expand the wrapper on the footer and stick a menu block in there. This video helped me figure that out. Thanks! No need to add another wrapper – which didn’t seem to work for some reason.

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