Headway Quick Vid Responsive Overview

In this quick screencast we start to cover responsive design and how to enable the responsive grid on your site. Learn how to enable the responsive grid and get a basic understand of what happens when you enable it.

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  1. Great question, Audra. I am curious as well. I have noticed many websites out there developed through many different platforms do not do a good job making the photos or videos responsive. I’m curious to see how it works with HT.

  2. Headway automatically resizes videos using FitVid.js when you have the responsive grid enabled :-).

    Responsive image sizing is handled natively by Headway.

  3. This is really great overview; however, unlike what is happening for the widget-area in the video, I’ve never enabled Responsive because the problem is the widget-area is all over the place (sometimes just right below the Navigation Menu or sometimes right below or between some of the ideal contents). Due to the Google updates, regarding penalizing site not mobile responsive, I have no choice.

    My question how did you make the widget-area to only show up at the bottom because my widget-areas are cutting in the main content area randomly?

    Thank you.

    • Jason,

      We would need to see a site to help out. You can either post in the forums or submit a ticket through the support tab in your Members dashboard!

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