Headway Quick Vids Getting Started with Headway 3.6

We were excited to release Headway 3.6 with everyone! We are even more excited to announce that over the next week or so we are releasing two posts a day that are quick videos on how to use Headway 3.6.

In this quick video you will get a quick overview of the Visual Editor and creating your first layout. This video is for new users to Headway. However, for Headway users, this might be a refresh if you haven’t started a new Headway site in awhile.

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  1. Thanks for the video! Is it me or is the sound a bit low in these 3.6 videos? Keep up the good work!

  2. Very nice upgrade. I notice that with the fixed layout the new social block will not align “center center” ie align in the middle.
    I place a block 60px height full width, top right and left place the icon left and right as expected, but center center does not work.

  3. #excitedmuch! I’m new to Headway & WP, coming from Joomla, where I build custom templates using a template tool. The ease of use with Headway is however far better. So I’m looking to switch from Joomla to WP completely; & considering purchasing Headway. I research before I buy, so I was just on the demo site testing out Headway & so far, I’m very impressed! I’ve only one concern: There’s a particular style that I love to employ sometimes & that is to have elements overlapping…so nav & social icons over sliders & things of that sort. I notice that blocks in Headway can’t overlap, but through vids like these, I’ve learned that you can have them overlap via nudging. However, adding negative nudging causes problems when the layout is responsive and when I add a block to the top of the layout and nudge it down, it leaves an ugly empty space where the block was. I hate that. Is there something I’m overlooking, or is this is how it’s supposed to be? Look at this in the demo site to see what I mean: http://demo.headwaythemes.com/a3lLD3rDCQ/
    I have the top margins and paddings for the social, image and navigation block set to 0, but still there’s that space. I will continue experimenting as this is the only “fault” I’ve found thus far, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

      • Excellent! Thanks a bunch Sasha. As I doubt that I’m able to install plugins on the Headway demo site, I will check out the video(s) and see what this has to offer 🙂

        • The solution was SOOOO simple you wouldn’t even believe it! Check it: Remember, the issue was that when I nudged the navigation down over the slider, it left the navigation space empty at the top. All I have to do is nudge the slider all the way to the top of the page, then nudge the nav down over the slider where I want it. And if there’s anything beneath that needs to come up as well, I just nudge them up. Simple, huh? I realize negative nudging causes some issues with responsiveness, but I’ll keep looking for a fix.

  4. Hi,
    I just installed Headway for my site and one feature I need to use is the ability to nudge elements so that they can overlap – is there a step by step tutorial for a Headway beginner that shows me how to do this anywhere online – I’ve looked but can’t seem to find anything that covers this. I’m fairly ok with css if I need to change the z-indexes but how to do this through Headway ?

    • You’ll find the nudging options in the ‘Design’ panel of the visual editor. When you select the element you want to edit, along with background, borders, fonts, etc, nudging will be one of the options. In addition to sorting the z-index, you’ll also need to set the method to ‘relative’ in order for it to work.

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