The Ultimate Guide to Headway SEO, Part 1

Headway rules when it comes to SEO. It has the most complete SEO options available out of any other premium WordPress theme framework. What I want to do is show you how to put all that power to work for you. If you can’t see the Headway SEO screencast video below (often the case in an email or a feed reader), visit the Headway blog directly so you can watch it.

Because of the depth and detail I’m going into, I need to break these up into a series. Part 1 (this one) covers the main Headway SEO configuration in the WordPress admin area. Part 2 tomorrow will cover how to optimize a blog post or a blog page in Headway.

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  1. Hi,
    So I have Headway 3.3, and I get this error message:
    “Headway has detected that you are using the All In One SEO pack plugin. In order to reduce conflicts and save resources, Headway’s SEO functionality has been disabled.”
    When I disable All in One SEO, and go to Headway’s Search Engine Optimization area, it looks like I am getting less options than you showed in your video… so I guess my questions are:1.) should I disable the All in One SEO pak in 3.3? and
    2.) do you by any chance have a tutorial coming for 3.3?  
    thank you so much for your help!

    • @MaYoga If you activate AIOSEO, Headway will default to all of the functions in the plugin and shut off our SEO functions.  You do not need both running.  
      If you are just starting out with 3.x, take a look at all of the documentation, tutorials and videos here – 
      If you have other questions on this, please do post up in the forums.  The entire Headway Team is there to help.  Thanks

  2. thanks Grant.  would you recommend using Headway SEO functionality or AIOSEO?  I de-activated AIOSEO, but I just cannot seem to find all the options that you go over in the video.  If you recommend using headway instead, I will for sure work with a Headway expert to find out where and what to set all the titles/tags etc…

    • @MaYoga AIOSEO is a great plugin and would do a great job for you too.  We certainly do not feel the Headway SEO features are the end all.  
      On that note, I do know of many sites which run only the Headway SEO features and do really well with SEO.

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