Headway Themes Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday

In case you aren’t totally Black Friday and Cyber Monday-ed out, we have good news!

We are continuing the 33% discount from Black Friday with a Cyber Monday Sale.

For those of you looking to join the Headway Community, this is the perfect time! The Headway Base and Headway Developer plans are 33% off during this sale. Please note, when Headway 3.6 launches, the prices on Headway Base and Headway Developer will go up!

In addition, we will also be offering the same discount for every addon in Headway Extend. Yes, that includes third party addons!

Coupon Details

Please enter cybermonday13 on the purchase page to save 33% on all Headway licenses (and upgrades) and Headway Extend addons.

This sale ends at 12:00 am Central Time Friday, December 6, 2013.

Headway 3.6

We know you are all wanting some information on Headway 3.6 and when we are going to release it.  The good news is Headway 3.6 is very close to being ready for prime time. We really appreciate all of your valuable time that you’ve invested in the Headway 3.6 beta–without your testing and input, Headway 3.6 wouldn’t be what it is today!

In addition to 3.6, we will be introducing a great collection of Headway Templates.  We decided to not call them Child Themes or Skins.  We are calling them Headway Templates for the simple fact that they are much more than a “Skin.”  Headway Templates include styling, layouts and a platform for you to get your site up and running as quickly as possible.

With the power of Headway’s Visual Editor, you can make the Template your own.  You are not locked into the limitations placed by most theme developers and designers.

Finally, wait until you see what Clay and his team are doing with the Headway Website! Not only will the website get a fresh look, we are switching from our custom-built customer and payment backend to Pippin Williamson’s Easy Digital Downloads.  This will provide us a backend that will allow us to better serve our Community Members.

Unfortunately, we do not have a date set in stone yet on when we are pushing this all out.  What I can tell you is this: we are only a few days away!

To keep you all up to date, we will be sending out a couple more emails this week with more details and a few previews to give you an idea of what is coming.

Spread the word!

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