Headway Themes Fall Sale

Big Fall Savings: 33% to 40% off until November 1st, 2012

Over here at the world headquarters for Headway Themes, we love the Fall.  What this means for you are big savings.  With the change of seasons we wanted to offer for a limited time some great coupons.

You read that right

  • 40% off for the Lifetime Membership upgrade with coupon code hwlifetime40
  • 33% off your purchase of Headway Base with coupon code hw33
  • 33% off your purchase of Headway Developer with coupon code hw33
Don’t delay taking advantage of this sale!  These coupons expire November 1st, 2012.

What others are saying about Headway Themes

Recently Brent Pohlman sent  me an email.  Brent has been on Headway for sometime over at marketingdirectorblog.com and blogmidwestlabs.com.

Here is what Brent had to say:

Headway 3.3 is very intuitive and easy to pickup as I have witnessed our office assistant Lauren pick it up with little input from myself and others. It is a great tool to get people up and off of the ground quickly.

Headway is currently the main theme we use for our static websites. We were adopters from the initial release in 2010.  Every new release brings more innovation, less code and easier functionality.

People ask me all the time if I am worried about mobile affecting our websites. My question back to them is, “Have you seen our websites?” Can you read them on your mobile device and the answer is, always “yes”.  I like to stay ahead of the pack, and I think Headway Themes keep me pointed in that direction. No one knows what lies ahead, but I am convinced that Headway will adapt its products to continually meet the needs of its clients.

The people at Headway have treated me like royalty from the beginning and I believe Headway Themes will be around for a number of years.

Through this process I have learned that I not only have a great product, but I also have improved productivity that is easily transferable among my employees.

Brent Pohlman,  Marketing Director – Midwest Laboratories

Take advantage of these coupons and become a part of the Headway Themes community. Don’t delay as they will expire on November 1st, 2012.

  • 40% off for the Lifetime Membership upgrade with coupon code hwlifetime40
  • 33% off your purchase of Headway Base with coupon code hw33
  • 33% off your purchase of Headway Developer with coupon code hw33

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19 Responses

  1. This is sweet.  We’re overhauling all of our sites with Headway and learning that it already does what we want.  It’s cool to see some of the other major theme houses try and copy Headway.

    • @kcamdenesq The lifetime option is available as an upgrade to either Headway Base or Headway Developer.

  2. I have the developer license.  The difference between developer and lifetime is just the themes and blocks, for life, right?  Developer is already a lifetime license for the base.  
    If this is the case, its a steep upgrade price without knowing the future of themes and blocks.  I am tempted, but …

    • @Jeff_D If you purchased your developer license prior to November 25th 2011, than you have lifetime updates and support.  The only difference then is lifetime access to blocks and Child Themes.

      • @GrantGriffiths Oh, I just bought a month or so ago, and guess I am reading too much in to “Unlimited Use and Installations for Life” on the sales page today.  You can use it forever, but after a year you no longer get updates, right?

        • @GrantGriffiths , I tried to purchase the lifetime last night around midnight CST.  I sent you an email regarding this, urgent.  This being the last day of the sale, I want to make sure this is resolved.  I am having trouble getting through to the bank, perhaps because of Sandy.  Please retrieve my email and let me know your thoughts via email.  Thanks.

        • @Jeff_D The coupon expires tonight at midnight.  And if you don’t get in before that, just email me at grant@headwaythemes.com

  3. Hello,
    Oh NO! I missed this sale! Will signing up for email updates notify me when/if it goes back on sale again? I can’t use it right away anyway so I don’t mind waiting a bit….

  4. @jjifmeyer As the post mentioned, The sale ended on November 1st, 2012.
    Headway uses the WordPress menu features fully.  Thanks

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    • Absolutely! I can’t provide any ETA though since we don’t have any planned yet, but we’ll definitely have one.

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