Headway Themes is 2 years old

Yesterday was July 31st, 2011.  A normal Sunday around here except for one little detail.

Headway Themes turned 2 years old on July 31st, 2011.

A lot has happened over the last 2 years and my how fast it has raced by.

Headway itself has grown and changed

When we pushed out the very first version of Headway, the main feature was the early version of the Layout Editor.  I remember when we showed that first version of Headway to a group of WordPress users and developers in Dallas, they were awed.  Hell, I was amazed everytime Clay showed me what he was doing.

What was most amazing was the fact this 16 year old kid was building something which would do what Headway Themes was doing.  All while he was still in high school.

Next came what we now call the Visual Editor.  The layout editor was great.  The Visual Editor took the layout editor to a whole new level.  And wow has the Visual Editor changed since we first introduced it.

What you see now with our exclusive Headway Visual Editor is a tool which has enabled so many users to build great sites with very little, if any coding involved.  And that was certainly our dream too.  Give people a tool they could use to build a Web presence, even if they knew nothing about code.

Yes, you can do more with Headway Themes if you know how to code.  But, you don’t have to either.

While we have tried to be very innovative with Headway Themes.  There have been at least one or two times we did rush out an update sooner than we should have.  You can blame that all on me too.

I tend to want to get things out as quick as possible and I know that has jumped up and bit us in the butt at least once.

The release of Headway 1.5 was premature at best.  And yes it had some issues.  Let me take just a moment to thank all of our users then for your patience as we fixed those early growing pains too.

Needless to say we, actually mainly me, have learned a lot over the last 2 years when it comes to the timing of a new release.  And that is certainly indicated in how long Clay and his Team have been working on the next big release for Headway.  And I mean big too.

Currently, those of you using Headway Themes should be using version 2.0.xx.  If you are not, you need to upgrade. But, remember backup, backup and backup.

Version 2.0 was an amazing new version that has continued to grow and provide new and improved features.

With it you have even seen two amazing Add-on Leafs which our very own Chris Howard has built and continued to improve on.  The Excerpts+ Leaf and the Gallery+ Leaf.  Two tools that add even more power to Headway Themes.  Chris continues to amaze us with his innovation too.  Just to give you something to ponder, Chris and I are discussing a few more Add-ons for Headway Themes too.  Be watching for more details on that soon I am hoping.

What is coming for Headway Themes?

Lots of cool stuff is coming for sure.

I was hoping we would have this next version of Headway out as a celebration of our 2 year anniversary.  But, the developing team told the marketing team we had to be patient.  Which if anyone knows me is a very difficult thing for me to be.

Coming in Headway 3.0

  • You saw right.  The next version/upgrade is huge and we wanted to indicated that by the version number.
  • A completely redesigned User Interface for Headway and the Visual Editor
  • Which means a new look to the Visual Editor
  • A grid system which provides a way to set up the layout of a site in a matter of seconds.  I have been playing with this feature for weeks now and it truly is amazing and easy to use.
  • New API for developers
  • The code in Headway is getting a completely new rewrite.  This thing is fast as hell.
  • The introduction of Headway Themes Child Themes and the Headway Marketplace.  We have been working on the Marketplace for quite awhile now and this is going to rock.  Developers who build Child Themes can feature them on the Headway Marketplace and on their own sites if they want.  We are excited to see the interest and growth of what I like to call the econo-system being built around Headway Themes.

This is just a small sampling of what is coming too.  Clay would not let me tell you too much.  We will have some screenshots and even some videos coming out in the next week or so showing you what is coming too.  If I can talk the team into it, we may even give you a peek at a few of the child theme designes we have coming.

Here is what Carl Hancock from Gravity Forms said today on twitter about Headway 3.0.

Seems WYSIWYG fronted editors are all the rage in WordPress themes all of a sudden. If they saw the next version of Headway they’d give up.

In the meantime, the Team is working on getting 2.0.12 out the door.  Both to fix a couple of annoying bugs and to provide a couple of new features too.

Our gift to you and our way of saying THANK YOU

If you don’t already own your own copy of Headway Themes, here is a 30% off coupon you can use to purchase either the Personal or Developer License.

Code – Headway2years

This discount code is only good for a few days so don’t delay if you want to save.

You can get the personal license for $60.90.  Normal price is $87.00

The developer’s license would be $114.80.  Normal price is $164.00

If you already have your own license for Headway, don’t worry.  We are going to have a special surprise for you in version 3.0

Remember I said we will have Headway Themes Child Themes coming in 3.0.

If you have the personal license at the time we push out 3.0 and child themes, you will get a coupon for 1 free child themes.  And if you have the developer’s license, you will get a coupon code for 3 free child themes.

Final thoughts

For those who have asked.  Yes, we will have a price increase with Headway 3.0  And, we are moving to a subscription model too.  However, if you already own Headway, you will never pay again for updates and support for your Headway Themes license.  That is how you joined the Headway community and that is exactly what you get for life.

Why the increase and change?  We want to make sure we can continue to grow, innovate and support all of you when ever you need it.  We want a business that is sustainable and here for years and years to come.  And I think you will agree Headway is always innovating and updating as the need arises.

Exciting times are going to continue here at Headway Themes as we continue to grow and innovate.  We hope you take advantage of our gift to you so you can be part of what is yet to come too.

Thanks to all of you for making the last two years so amazing and best of all fun.

Finally, Clay and I want to extend a special thank you to the official Headway Themes Team.  Without your hard work and dedication to Clay and I, there is no way we could have accomplished what we have over the last 2 years.  Here’s to the last 2 years and many more to come.

  • Chris Howard
  • Michael Martine
  • Caitlin, aka MommyGeek
  • AJ Morris
  • Gary Barrett

Thank you!!!

Grant and Clay Griffiths | Co-founders of Headway Themes

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35 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday! I am enjoying Headway (after I got over the trauma that it wasn’t iWEB!). Thanks for having the Bootcamp, and the forums. NOW if I can get over my “Decisional Paralysis” and finish it I’ll be ready to get rid of my old site!!!
    Eat some cake for all of us,
    Dr Karen

  2. ARGH The pressure! I’ve finished all the BIG stuff, it’s deciding the sidebar/footer issues that make me INSANE (granted, for a shrink – a short trip).
    Email me a xanax or come over and help me finish this thing in between helping patients, GETTING patients, and keeping up with my social media guilt (2 blogs, twitter, Facebook Biz Page, being a single mother dot dot dot).

  3. Grant – I’m really proud of you and Clay. And I’m also grateful for being part of the whole process. Remember when you first told me about Headway? I was like “Yeah… whatever. Clay could make a shit poptart and it would be amazing…”

    He’s amazing, and you’re amazing for the marketing and business guidance you’ve given him.

    Congrats, dude!


    • Thanks John. And I do remember that early conversation you and I had. Glad you were along for the ride the last 2 years.

  4. First, huge congrats for this incredible milestone. It’s a testament to the quality of Headway that the theme is still alive, thriving and growing in such a competitive field.

    I purchased a dev license of Headway in mid April 2010, just one week after buying one from your main competitor. That theme was used on all of *one* site (my personal one) and Headway was used on every WordPress site I created since (and now replaced *that” theme on my site). Yes, HEadway is that good.

    Moving to WordPress in late 2009 was the best decision I ever made for my business but it’s Headway that completely revolutionized my process. It enables me to integrate any design I create or that is given to me when i sub-contract and make a WordPress site with it.

    After more than 15 years in this business, Headway remains one of the most impressive products I ever used. Yes, it enables non-coders to get a great site online but for someone with the kind of background I have, it is a truly empowering tool.

    Kudos and keep up the great work! Now I cannot wait to see what 3.0 brings… Grant, you are just a tease! 😉

    • Stephane – Thank you so much for you comment and kind words. See what individuals like you do with Headway is certainly fun to watch. And I know I am a tease. You only have a little more to wait to see what we have coming.

  5. It is one of the best WordPress Theme i have and using it on my blog.

    Must say without any knowledge of CSS and PHP you can design any layout and build a professional looking website in couple of minutes.

  6. Congrats, it’s the very definition of a game changing theme and will continue to be so. I use it almost exclusively for my own projects and have more and more clients asking for it.
    I think it was at BlogWorld 09 I first heard about it. Time flies…

  7. Let me say congratulations to an inspirational father and son team… not many of those exist. The rest of the team Chris, Michael, Caitlin, A.J. and Gary also must be acknowledged for their terrific work with Headway Themes. Although Headway is just two years old, I suspect that given the integrity which Headway has, along with it being a great product that is continually refined, I can’t see why I wouldn’t be a Headway Theme enthusiast for at least the next 20-30 years. Allow me to add that I am really looking forward to version 3.0. Keep going guys, you’re doing just great.

    • Thank you so much Chris. Having the chance to run a great business with my son has been awesome. We too look forward to many more years of fun and success.

      As for 3.0, we have some amazing stuff coming. The kid just keeps amazing us all.

  8. Happy Birthday! I feel incredibly lucky to have been one of the early adopters and to have had a front row seat to watch Headway Themes grow from cool idea to established, successful, leading WordPress theme.
    You have helped me help so many people and inspired me to learn a little CSS to enhance the sites I build – something I was far too intimidated to learn on my own. Your innovation keeps me creative! My clients love that, and ok, so do I 🙂
    I am bracing myself for 3.0, as headway never fails to impress! Congratulations!!!

    • Thanks Kate. Clay and I feel very fortunate to have the community that has grown up around Headway Themes. That is what makes what we do fun.

      You do need to brace yourself too for 3.0 I know it is easy for me to say. But, those who have seen a quick demo have been amazed. In fact, many have bee speechless. What Clay and his team are coming out with is truly amazing. We will have a teaser video in the next few days too. Should be fun!

  9. I’ve been way too busy to work much on my websites, but in the few months I’ve been using Headway I’ve been truly impressed.

    So I just upgraded to the developer license although I’m NOT a developer and only work on my own sites, but I have more than two and will be using Headway on all my sites.

    Since I’m mostly working on non profit activities, I really appreciate the unlimited upgrades and support and the 30% discount.

    Thanks for the help at the forum and a great product!

  10. AAARRGGHHH!!! I’m just too late to take advantage of discount: coupon expired! 🙁 I’ll wait for version 3.
    Anyway, happy birthday, guys.

    • Coupon still good. And don’t wait for version 3 Price is going up as is our pricing model. Get it now and get in on current price and lifetime updates and support.

  11. Hi Grant,
    yes, now it worked and I subscribed developer edition, thanks.
    Can’t wait to test it.
    See you soon and have a good work.


  12. Congrats guys! Hilarious, but you and I share an anniversary. I met my wife-to-be two years ago on July 31. I feel like I’m in good company.

    Thanks for the celebration discount. I’ve just made my purchase, and look forward to buying the BuddyPress add-on and getting to work!


  13. Hi Grant,

    In a less enlightened era, you and Clay would have been…burned at the stake :D.

    It sounds that good. This based on my experience with HWay ever since the first VE release and guesses on your grid implementation. Obviously, I’ve no further information, but it’s an amazingly exciting development.

    Expect that some will never be satisfied. I mean those who natter about 960gs vs. Blueprint vs Golden Grid and so forth. Grids aren’t a religion but a tool. And I’ve seen both very good, and really terrible designs come out of all those and more.

    You’ll have the drag/drop field to yourself. Nearest I’ve seen is on, gasp, Drupal with the Skinnr module. Tinkering with the grid is incredibly easy and visual, or even jacking in your own grid. BUT, the rest of Drupal is not quite as easy to set up; to say the least, to say the most.

    Hway sure is!


    • Thanks Robert and it has been great having you with us for so long. Our long time community members are certainly near and dear to us. We appreciate the patience and input as we have grown over the last 2 years.

      Some exciting things are coming to Headway too. More to come soon.

  14. oops… i did it! (finally) 🙂

    after having waited and followed the theme’s and company’s development for almost 2 years, i couldn’t resist any longer… especially with an offer as delicious! the coupon is still valid btw!
    thanks for giving that sweet opportunity to folks joining the headway party late.

    i’m rather excited and will try to make some “playtime” available for my long overdue blog; now with a decent framework for a non-coder.

    keep ’em ideas coming and so long,

  15. Arrgghh! I just found out about Headway on a forum last night and I see the awesome coupon has expired. Any chance of a reprieve for those of us who are late to enlightenment?

    Happy B’day,

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