Headway Themes' New Excerpts+ Leaf

In an effort to continue to expand on what you can do with Headway Themes without the need for coding, we would like to introduce you to a new addition to the collection of amazing Leafs for Headway.

Meet Excerpts+, a brand new Leaf that can greatly enhance how you display post excerpts on your site.  Excerpts+ uses the post’s featured image in various ways to add that professional look to your layouts.  Easily build that magazine or news layout you have always wanted with the new Excerpts+ Leaf.

Excerpts+ Leaf’s chief developer is our own Chris Howard and we are thrilled to add another of his outstanding work to the collection Add-ons for Headway.

Features include:

  • Set any number of excerpts across
  • Set an optional link at the footer of the leaf
  • Option to hide the excerpt text
  • Customizable “Read more” message
  • Option to hide the title, set its font size, its width and an optional bullet
  • Customizable meta info display, including showing the author picture
  • Image can be located above, below or behind the excerpt, or in the title or the content, and and can be aligned left or right
  • Image size to display is user definable
  • Filters allow you to choose how many excerpts to show, whether to limit to a specific category or author
  • Layout is automatically adjusted so all excerpt cells are filled if possible

To learn more about Excerpt+, please visit the members’ only Marketplace.  You must own a Headway Themes user’s license before you can use purchase or use this amazing Leaf.  If you don’t already have a Headway license, you can purchase your own by clicking here.

You can also watch Chris as he explains the awesome features and functions of Excerpt+ in the below video.


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    • I understand, Vivek. Even as the dev of this leaf, at first I was a little uncomfortable charging $25 for it. However, knowing how much work went into it (2 weeks and several hours each day) I felt more comfortable.

      Also, if time is money, at $25, that equals say an hour of a person’s time. So, if a person could code up the equivalent in less than an hour, they’d be ahead.

      If you’re keen to learn coding, then I’d definitely recommend the path you suggest. Otherwise, $25 may not actually be that bad a price.

      Also, the next version will support multiple categories; posts, pages and custom post types; select content by post id; and… sliders! As well as all the other display options, you will also be able to display the excerpts in a slider.

      To be honest, with the sliders virtually making it two leafs in one, I am thinking about bumping the price up to $30 when that version comes out.

      Anyways, just my 2c.

        • Yes and we have an update coming in the next few days too. You will get an email with the link to download when it comes out.

      • Its fab value Chris, if anyone thinks that can code it in less cost time and effort good luck to them but in our view its a great investment Thanks Amanda

  1. Friggin’ brilliant!
    From a designer’s standpoint, this was a huge hole in the headway functionality. With this… mmmm! Yum!

    Ty for putting the time in the get this done. Going to buy right now!

    • Thanks Jon,

      Chris did an amazing job on the new E+ Leaf. Plus he has an update coming out very soon. Chris is also working on a couple of other ideas for a couple of new + Leafs coming soon.

  2. Headwaythemes
    How do I get the Excerpts+ Leaf v1.9 upgrade?
    I have already purchased the previous version.
    See my support forum post.

    I would like to upgrade Excerpts+ Leaf ASAP.
    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Paul – We sent out an email about the 1.9 upgrade via Ejunkie as that is our payment portal for add-ons. Please double check your spam/junk folder to see if it ended up there. If you don’t have it, email me your receipt for your original purchase of E+ and I will email you the upgrade ASAP.

  3. Thank you for this – i can’t wait to download and install it. i have just started my blog and was quickly getting to the point where i wanted to display things better. i found myself hacking along – and envious of a theme called Church that I’d seen that does categorized magazine style posting for easy categorization. This solves my problem just in time.

  4. Hi Chris

    Great plugin, great price, just one thing. When installing via wordpress plugins in v3.05 the zip file name can cause problems because of the + character in the filename during the upload process. I just renamed it excerptsleaf.zip and took out the offending characters, thought I’d post here in case anyone else was scratching their head. Chris maybe you can update the filename to be more friendly, might avoid some uneccesary support tickets too 🙂

    Keep up the great work, have you got any more cool stuff for HT coming soon?

    Have a great day


  5. The Excerpt+ leaf has tremendous potential for us, but there’s a problem that makes it unusable. The options window is far too long for my monitor size. There are settings that continue way off the bottom of my browser that I have no way to access.

    I noticed what appear to be tabs along the top:
    * Layout
    * Excerpts
    * Titles
    * Meta
    * Images
    * Filters
    * Sliders
    * Miscellaneous

    But these aren’t functioning like tabs. All the settings display at once in a very long sequence.

    I’ve tested this in the latest versions of Firefox and Safari for Mac with the same results. I won’t be able to use the Excepts+ leaf until this problem is fixed for me.

  6. I’m completely stunned! This thing as absolutely amazing! It essentially is Drupal Views for WordPress, something that’s been long-needed in WordPress. I just tried it with the Products custom post type from WPMU Dev’s MarketPress plugin and it’s absolutely perfect!

    The only thing I see missing currently is the taxonomies (it seems to prefer categories). Apart from that, I wouldn’t need anything else from this thing.

    Incredible work! Just beautiful!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Leaf +! It’s so versatile and can be set up to have such different looks.

    My question is: Can this (or any Headway Leafs) be used with other WordPress Themes?

    Thanks again for such great coding.

  8. I love Headway! I have made several sites with it in the last two months and learn more about what it does–and can do–each time. This leaf looks so cool! (Schmick?) I’m going to go buy it now and start experimenting.

    • Jay

      Jump over to the forums and post up on this. The team, including Chris Howard developer of the E+ Leaf is there to assist you.

  9. Hello,

    Quick question before I buy it: is it possible to display excerpts from a specific category AND containing a specific tag? In other words, it seems that we can choose to have only a specific author and/or category, but is it possible to choose only a specific tag as well?

    Thank you very much for your answer.

        • To be very frank, I would not use Tags as a way to pull post into the E+ Leaf. Categories is a much better way to do so.

          • I’m interested in filtering by category + tag. This way my readers would have more relevant content. My categories are really wide… :/

  10. Looks really impressive. Are there some live examples we can see of how people have used this leaf? Thanks

  11. How many websites can I use this on? I currently have developers license. May I use it in the same manner as Headway Themes> Unlimited? If so I will purchase for sure. (From what I see it seems to be this way…excited to get started.)

  12. Hi,

    I been trying out to find the answer of whether I can embed star rating to excerpt+ display through hook. Anyone can answer?

    So far none have respond. hope for the saviour! thanks

  13. Can this excerpts leaf be used as a gallery slideshow? with images and text?

    can it show tiny thumbnails instead of little boxes for the other content in the qeue?

    Can I manually determine the image, images size, speed of transition, title text, and excerpt text?

  14. Hello,
    I recently bought this leaf. It’s great and was working well until I wanted to add another of this ‘Excerpts+ Leaf’ to another page.

    I just can’t get it to work, even though it worked earlier. Refreshing pages, the headway visual editor, and the leaf itself won’t help. It doesn’t want to load the blog posts that I choose in the filters. Doesn’t matter if I choose ‘all’ or just select one or two.

    On the ‘blog page’ of my website I have the same leaf working perfectly well. It looks great.
    And earlier I got another one working as well on different page. But I removed that one because I got another plans for that page. Then I tried adding the ‘Excerpts+ Leaf’ to the home page of my website, and then the trouble came.
    I can’t get any new ‘Excerpts+ Leaf’ activated anymore. I can add it allright, but it doesn’t show the blog posts.

    I don’t understand. It’s not limited to use is it? (Hopefully you can help me out)

    Kind Regards,


    • Ted – My suggested would be for you to please post up on the forums so we can get you taken care of. Thanks

  15. Hello there!

    I’d wanted to ask if Headway 3 will support the plugin or if the plugin will be updated up to HT 3 version? If I buy the plug in now, will I have free update to v 3?


    • All of the Plus Leafs will be upgraded to Blocks for Headway 3.0 The upgrade will be free for those who own them at the time too.

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