Headway Wins the Page Load Speed Battle

Page load speed is important for 2 big reasons:

  • People want sites to load quickly or they’re gone.
  • Google wants sites to load quickly, or your search rankings may suffer.

Google even provides a page load speed tool for you to use (and now they just ripped that keyword away from every other page speed tool out there), simply enter in a URL and check your score.

Google Page Load Speed Tool

Good Scores

When you run Google Page Speed on a URL, you receive a score between 1 and 100. This number isn’t how much time it takes a page to load, it’s the overall load score which is calculated based on several factors. So the higher the score a page receives, the faster it loads.

When we started throwing in random URLs for sites which run Headway, Google Page Speed showed us what many of you already know: Headway is fast.

Well, they’re not all this fast, but here’s one of more high-profile Headway uses, social media maven Mari Smith, whose site receives a fair amount of traffic. It needs to be fast, and it is. How fast? 89 out of 100 fast.


Mari Smith Headway page speed results
Click for larger image.


Here’s a quick list of the sites we tested:

They all got an 80 or higher out of a possible 100. Now, this isn’t scientific or anything. But all these sites are running the latest version of Headway on a variety of different web hosting services. We’re pleased with Headway’s speed performance, now.

Come a Long Way

In the early days of Headway, things weren’t so speedy. A few reviews from back in the day complained at Headway’s load speeds. Since then we’ve made significant speed improvements with each new version since then, including major code base rewrites specifically aimed at increased speed.

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16 Responses

  1. Confirming that Headway Sites load with speed.
    I’m happy with the scores for my last three builds.
    (w3 total cache is operating on 2 of them)
    3 different sites on 3 different servers:
    The page Reviewing the Gems of Heritage Astrol… got an overall Page Speed Score of 89 (out of 100).
    The page Inspirational Music | Subway Bhaktis got an overall Page Speed Score of 85 (out of 100).
    The page Omega IT Group | Omega IT Group got an overall Page Speed Score of 84 (out of 100).

    • Nice sites Richard. I also see you have incorporated ecommerce on at least one of them too. Awesome!!!

  2. Great article and love the numbers here. A lot of website speed on a WordPress site has to do with extra plugins, and the nice thing about Headway is that it eliminates the need for quite a few 🙂 Huge!

  3. Thanks for making this post. I know that my sites load faster than so many others that I visit. The only problem is that now my lack of tolerance with the slower loading sites is getting worse.

    Since I have Headway’s “turbo charged jet engine” powering my sites, I feel like I’m driving a Porsche but only had to pay for a Chevy. Kudos to Headway!

    • Thanks Claudia and thanks for doing such a great job using Headway to build some very nice sites.

  4. Grant

    Your product rocks!!! There is nothing like it out there! People also need to know that you care so much for your clients that you actually perform tests like this one on your clients’ sites. I can’t think of another company out there would invest their time into studying their current clients’ sites. You and your team are great to work with. This post should be evidence of the great relationship we have as users and advocates for your product.


    • Thanks Brent. And it is users like you who have taken what we have built and used it to build a great Web presence for your company and ventures. Thank you for that!!!

    • Julie – Awesome that you just keep building sites on Headway. Keep up the great work and let us know if you need anything. Thanks!!!

  5. I am a very vocal fan of Headway and this just proves what we already knew – That Headway is fast.

    My Internet Marketing blog, which you list, scores even higher than Marie Smith’s site – With a dizzying page load speed score of, wait for it…. 93 (Yes: Ninety Three!)

    An beautifully coded, easy to use and lightening fast piece of software.

    Kudos to Clay, Grant and everyone involved with this amazing, game-changing product!

  6. I’m glad to find this post – thanks Michael! I’ve just been working on Spring Cleaning my site to improve load speed, and I know I read some reviews that put Headway on the slow end of premium themes. Glad to hear it’s speeded up. 🙂

    Still searching to see if the cache plugins are compatible with Headway, as I understand that would also speed up my site…

  7. I have also tested my Headway sites against other WordPress sites, and even against some static HTML sites of my competitors in some markets, and my sites loaded faster. What’s even more impressive is that most of the competing sites were also hosted at the same hosting company, so network speed was not an issue in the comparison.

    Excellent job, thanks for an amazing WordPress framework!

  8. My hosting company tech support group said there are 4 or 5 css scripts running on my site (which is only WP and Headway), and that anything over 2 slows the original download. Are they correct?

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