Headway with AJ: Introducing Headway 3.5 Developer Beta

Today we’re letting the world know that we’ve released a developer beta of Headway 3.5! We actually released it on May 1st as a dry run of our system, and today we are going to give you a quick screencast to show off some of the new feature, Multiple Wrappers!

Headway 3.5 will feature multiple wrappers. So not only will your sites and designs be limited to a single fixed wrapper, you’ll actually be able to use fluid wrappers with fluid grid or fixed grid, or a fixed wrapper with a fixed grid.

Remember that betas are only available to our developer license holders. Not a developer license holder? No problem! Sign up or upgrade now, and get in on testing this new release!

Don’t take my word for it though, check out the video below!

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  1. That looks great AJ, I’ve been waiting for this. I already know how I will change a few sites using it and after a quick play it looks awesome.

  2. Totally cool.. will save time and may just use this for a job I just booked.  We’ll .. maybe.. as its beta… any eta on release?

  3. If we play around with this will we be able to upgrade the beta version to the full release when it is ready?

    • JosseFord There is not an upgrade path built in to betas. We ask that you not use betas on live Headway sites, or development sites you cannot afford to lose the data on.

  4. Very interesting. What CSS is built into a wrapper. Can you have more than one wrapper on a row?


    • pzh20 You can only have one wrapper per row. As far as CSS built into a wrapper, it’s very much the same as the current released version of Headway.

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