Hiding the Featured Post Thumbnail

If you’re putting together a relatively “simple” website – insomuch as you are customizing one or two layouts using Headway’s Visual Editor – you may run into the following scenario:

1. You may or may not have a static homepage. It’s customized if you do, yay!

2. You have a blog index, which may or may not be the front page of your site. Either way, it’s customized and the content block is set to show excerpts and thumbnails, because it’s prettier and more functional that way.

3. Your single layouts aren’t customized.

4. When you look at a post on your site, the featured image appears with the title, and you already inserted your featured image full-size at the top of the post or partway down, and you want the thumbnail gone!

Never fear, Headway community. We have multiple ways to solve your problem.

Just Customize the Single Layout

You can Clone your Blog Index to you Single Layout by clicking Edit on Single (or Single -> Post), choosing the Blog Index as the Clone.

From there, you simply need to edit the content block to hide the featured images. So open the Content Block options, un-mirror it, and then go to Featured Images and uncheck “Display”.


Use CSS to Hide it Instead

If you’d rather not clone the layout if you don’t have to, you could simply add a line of custom CSS that will hide the thumbnails from sight entirely.

.single a.post-thumbnail {display:none;}

Just drop the above code into your Live CSS editor and your thumbnails will disappear on the single blog posts.

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  1. Hi, i have a problem with the featured post thumbnail. 
    I did make a template that, in the header, uses this custom code: 
    “<?php  if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) { the_post_thumbnail(); }?>
              <h1><?php the_title ();?></h1> ”
    The problem is that some pages show a thumbnail and a title of another pages created, instead of the thumbnail that I assign in it.

    • rodrigo8855 sounds like you may need to declare global $post, grab the $post -> ID and use it in your call to the_post_thumbnail and the_title. i.e. 
      global $post;
      $id = $post -> ID;

  2. I tried everything. I think this is not possible. The only way is survive with this f##* thumbnail inside the post.

    • Max – what do you mean you’ve tried everything? You definitely don’t have to have the featured image inside of the post.

  3. The CSS worked great for hiding the featured post image on the individual post page, however the featured post on the blog page still shows. I don’t want to remove it from the excerpts though… not sure where to go for this now.

    • The post is titled poorly – it should be titled, hiding the featured image thumbnail on single posts. The CSS will only work when viewing the post – not on the blog index.

      This CSS should do what you want
      .loop article .post-thumbnail {
      display: none;

      .loop .entry-row article .post-thumbnail {
      display: block;

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