How to Build a Site in 10 Minutes – Part 3

The more I write the title to this post, the more I think we should change it to something like ‘Building a Site 10 minutes at a time.’ It makes more sense since that’s what we’ve turned this into! Just to play catch in case you have not been following us through this series, we’ve been building a site using Headway’s Visual Editor and adding in some CSS when needed. We’ve also been limiting it to 10 minutes at a time. So hopefully it’s just enough time to get you going until the next video.

Before watching this video, make sure you take some time to watch part 1 and part 2 for the first time or as refreshers if you need to.

In this video we take a look at adding borders via CSS to the entry title and post meta area. We also take a look at tidying up the continue reading button so that it looks closer to what Six Revisions has, except we’re going to place it on the right hand side of the content instead of the left. This video is just under 10 minutes (9:30ish) since I’ve been going over my 10 minute timeframe in the past videos.

Part 4 will be up later today, so make sure you stick around the Headway blog for the next installment of How to Build a Site in 10 Minutes.

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  1. I’m back AJ

    Glutton for punishment.


    Can affiliates use these videos on their own sites?

    If yes… how do we emded them?

    I’m thinking of putting all your ten minute videos into a post.

    BTW – love the video series – ten minutes a day is a great way to learn Headway.

  2. I really appreciate these videos and have found them quite helpful overall.
    A few questions if I may.  The “continue reading” button does not seem to move or respond to the css I wrote which I copied what you had.  Its on a different named page.  Does that matter? I want to shrink the button and move it further down.
    I set my titles for the posts and everything looks great.  The problem is that the setting also effects the titles of my static pages.  I don’t want the two to be related.  I want the titles on the other pages to be invisible or not show up.  On the last version of HT there was an option to either show the title or not show it.  I don’t see that here.  What do you suggest?
    I was hoping to post an image in here to show what I am trying to build and what I have so far, but don’t see that option.  Should that type of question be posted in another area?  the website I am working on is which you can reference if you want.
    Thanks for your help.

    •  @ColinBunston Please post this up in the support forums instead of here so we can help you out. It can get too hard to try and look at questions like this in comments of a post. Just make a reference to this post in the thread and we can help you out with it. Thanks!

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