How to Build a Site in 10 Minutes – Part 4

We’re going to tidy up the Post Title and Post Meta in this 10 minutes. It’s all about the subtle differences to really make your site stand out! And a great tool to make sure you are getting the most out of it is to use a tool like IconFinder. It’s a great site that can help you find just the icon(s) you are looking for. The comment icon I chose for the comments area was this one.

If you have watched the first 3 parts of this series, you can see part 1, part 2, and part 3 with these links. Definitely go back and check those out if you haven’t been following along, or if you need a little bit of a refresher.

I’m going to finish this up with a part 5. We could likely go on, but there’s other great tutorials that I want to get out. There will definitely be things in the design that you could add to (take a look at the widget areas for one!), outside of this tutorial series. This certainly has been a fun tutorial series to do! I’ll leave the wrap-up for part 5 tomorrow.

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  1. I’ve just scanned the for part 4 & 5 and I have to say that, you guys have a great product and your tutorials are out of the world. So I just you could say, “Headway Themes Rocks!!!” Great Stuff !!!

    • @Dwhyz1 Thanks! We’re very pleased with everything that Headway 3.0 can do!! It’s also great to see some users starting to build really kick-butt sites with it!!

      • @AJMorris Well I a’m not one of those that have created the awesome sites. I’m still learning, on the beginner end, but hey I’m gonna stick with it til I can do the 10 minute site also. I have been learning from here and there, some has been rip offs, and some have actually wanted to help.I believe everybody @ Headway are on the Helpful side. That’s great, y’all are great. Thanks for all y’all do!!!!

  2. Hi there,  
    At 6:07 minutes in the video, there is an options for the content block, which doesn’t show up in my Headway… Then the video goes into Meta, and they enter a span… But I can not get to this portion of the editor. At that 6:07 moment, is there a key command that I’m missing to get these options to show up?  Should I be holding the shift key or something?  

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