How to Create a Custom Tab for your Facebook Page with WordPress

This video will show you how to create a custom iframe tab for your Facebook Page using a plugin called “Facebook Tab Manager”.

The steps covered in the video are:

  1. Create a Facebook Tab application in WordPress.
  2. Create a Facebook Application for the Custom Tab you just created.
  3. Add a custom graphic for your tab icon.
  4. Add the Custom Tab to your Facebook Page.

John Haydon can be found over at where he discusses all things blogging and social media.

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4 Responses

  1. As with all of John’s contributions very helpful good bright and brezzy ! Cheers John with thanks Amanda

  2. John haydon rocks!!! And thanks HT for sharing, been searching the whole www for this piece of info.

  3. Hi Grant,

    I tried everything and it worked out just as you explained, but i don’t understand why the consent that i wrote on my blog didn’t appear inside the tab’s page? it shows only blank page.


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