How to Install LiveFyre

This was actually supposed to go out Friday, but due to some video encoding issues, I had to wait until today to put it up. So you’ll be getting two posts today.

In this video, we’re showing you how to install LiveFyre, a popular comment system plugin, that we use here on our own blog. It’s quite simple to install, and the video is under 2 minutes, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting it installed and working on your next blog!

Hope you guys enjoy!

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12 Responses

  1. Hi AJ

    I did install Livefyre on my site then I noticed a big gap between the bottom of the post and the comments box.

    Livefyre said that it had been sorted in the last update, but I see it occasionally on this site.

    Don’t see it every time, but just now and then so I went back to WordPress native comments..

  2. I have recently discovered LiveFyre and think it’s pretty swish 🙂

    There are a few features which I think WordPress could learn from such as liking or reporting a comment and retroactive member banning and comment removal.

    It is nice to see the humble comment form get a new lease of life!

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