How To Mirror Blocks

Being able to reuse blocks on multiple layouts is a pretty nifty feature of Headway Themes. It allows you to copy the content you have on one layout, say a navigation or widget-area, and place it on another layout, without having to worry about how it gets there. Just draw out the blocks on the new layout and mirror them to your other blocks. Of course it’s easier said then done right? Here’s a quick video to help you out!

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  1. These videos are in a different format. I’m unable to view them on my iPad or iPhone. Plus, the videos don’t have a volume control in the interface. Any chance we can get these features back?

    Thanks for these quick tips.

  2. Should custom css classes carry over when mirroring blocks? I am mirroring a nav bar that has a custom class applied to it but on the block that is mirroring, it doesn’t apply the css class, even though it is assigned to both the mirrored block and the block doing the mirroring.

  3. in response to my previous post: Seems that you have to add the custom class when creating the block in grid view, I was seeing it in design view and it looked to have the custom class assigned to it, but it wasn’t assigned in grid view. When I added the custom class in grid view, everything worked just fine. Hope this helps anybody else out there.

  4. Ok, mirroring seems to work, except for position. On my site, from page to page it seems as if the mirrored block is trying to also mirror the position of the original. Is there a way to mirror just the style of the block (i.e. font, font size, borders, etc.) without having to mirror the nudged position? To be specific mine is a navigation.

  5. I am mirroring the same “header” wrapper but it appears to be applying different classes from page to page. On one page the wrapper classes reads: “grid-fluid-24-50-10. On another it reads “grid-fluid-12-50-10”.

    I’ve checked that the grid settings and wrapper settings are identical – both are fluid and the grid is 24 column. I suspect this page is wrong: as the class reads as if it is using a 12 column grid.

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