How to Use Headway 3.0's Navigation Block with WordPress Menus

WordPress has come along way into not only being a blogging platform but also adding features that help make WordPress one of the top Content Management Systems out there. Creating Menus or navigations with WordPress used to be somewhat of a pain and was left up to either a plugin or a theme until WordPress 3.0 came out. Headway 2.0 had left some remnants left of some of this theme navigation. With Headway 3.0 we decided to remove all of the theme navigation and leave it completely up to WordPress’ menu system.

If you aren’t familiar with WordPress’ menu system, you may have a little trouble getting use to it. So in this video, we’ll take a look at using Headway 3.0’s Navigation block with the WordPress menu system.

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  1. How do I go about adding two menus to the main navigation bar, within the Headway 3.0 system?

    •  @TheresaCulpepper I think you mean menu items. All you have to do is go to Appearance > Menus and then select the menu you want, and add the items to the menu.

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