How to Use Multiple Headers with Headway 3.0

Previous versions of Headway made it difficult to use different headers on different pages. With Headway 3.0, it makes this process much more simple. Just add a header block to a page and upload a different header graphic. You can even mirror blocks from other pages so that you reuse the same header on different pages.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to setup the Header Block with Headway 3.0 and see how you can use different header images on different pages.

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  1. I”m trying to do this for individual categories, but when I go to the individual category in the left side and hit edit, its bringing up a blank grid and wanting me to redesign a whole new grid for that category instead of what is pictured in the video, the same layout and just change the header image. am I missing something? help please 🙂

    •  @KimJanocko Kim, post up in the forums so the entire Team can give you a hand.  We try not to do support here so the knowledge base is built up on the forums.  Thanks

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