How to Use the WordPress Menu Builder with Headway

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Now that WordPress has finally come out with its own menu building utility (and an excellent one it is), we at Headway saw no reason to continue parallel development of Headway’s menu builder in the Visual Editor.

What this video shows you is:

  • How the menu building interface in Headway has changed as of 2.0.9.
  • How to create menus in the WordPress menu builder.
  • You can easily end up with duplicate pages appearing in your navigation bar after you create a WordPress menu because you still have settings in place from the old Headway menus, so we show you how to fix that.
  • You can build more than one menu with the WordPress menu builder. We show you how Headway can make use of additional menus by using WordPress’ new Menu sidebar widgets.
  • Edit (new): How to add child pages to the menus.

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