Inserting a Link in a Blog Post – Revisited

When you are reading blog post or others are doing the same, it can be frustrating for the reader when there is not a link to the other blog you are mentioning. Readers like to follow the links and check out the information you are writing about in more detail. They can’t do that if you don’t provide a link for them to do so. All you have to do to provide a link is to follow the simple steps below.

Its good blogging practice to link to (1) another blog if you mention that blog; (2) the post you might be talking about on another blog. Another key reason to link to other blogs you are mentioning on your own blog is to make that blogger aware of it. They will get a Pingback from your post telling them you have linked to them. This may cause that blogger to visit your blog to see what is being said about them or their blog. This is a key way to build a relationship with other bloggers and get noticed. Getting noticed will help increase your own traffric.

Start in the Write Post Window


You will start inside the “write post” window for inserting a link in a blog post as this is where you will do all of your post drafting.

URL You Want to Link To



Copy the URL of the post you want to link to

Insert in your Blog Post



1. Highlight text you want linked to the post; 2. Click on the Insert/Edit Link button; 3. Paste Post URL into the Link URL field. 4. Set the target, new window or new tab.


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