It's Here! Introducing Gallery+ for Headway

Gallery+ is a new leaf for the Headway WordPress framework. As its name suggests, it provides gallery features. Although a free gallery leaf is available for Headway, Gallery+ has several additional features that earn it the “plus” moniker, key among these is the ability to use Headway Photo Galery and NexGen galleries so if you are already using one of those, you can start using Gallery+ straight away.

Otherwise, you can easily setup your own galleries using Gallery+’s own gallery system, builton the standard WordPress Media Library and WordPress custom post types.

Another major feature, not available in any other Headway leaf (mainluy because there hasn’t previously been a need), is galleries can be displayed embedded in the page’s content if you desire!



  • Galleries can be shown in a leaf or embedded in the page’s content using a simple shortcode
  • Horizontal or vertical navigation positioned left, right, top or bottom
  • Option to place text at top or bottom of images
  • Uses standard WordPress media library via Gallery+ custom post type
  • Can use existing galleries in Headway Photo Gallery leaf
  • Can use existing galleries in NextGen Gallery
  • Support for opening images in a lightbox style overlay
  • Multiple navigation button styles
  • Create and use your own navigation buttons (requires Photoshop skills)
  • Vertical crop alignment of images
  • Horizontal crop alignment of images
  • Slideshow
  • Frame border and frame padding allows book style or photo style designs
  • CSS3 enhancements of frame shadow and rotation (supported browsers only)
  • Sample gallery built-in
  • Enhanced tooltips for every Gallery+ setting


Gallery+ allows you to create a wide variety of layouts so you should be able to create one to suit your site’s look and feel.

The image below has a photo style with a vertical navigation, and drop shadow.


For a clean, borderless look, like you might see in a photo book, the padding can be removed, and the thumbnails configured to fill the width of the frame.


Something a little more casual and like a photo lying on a desk can be made with a slight rotation of the frame and the removal of all other elements. The navigation can be set to appear when you hover over this one, and to make it easier on the viewer, it can be set to auto start slideshow. (Note: Rotation and shadow are CSS3 features not supported on IE8 or older,but are viewable on Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Opera and IE9.)


The next example shows a clean look with a light border and the text aligned to the top of the image. The text background as been set to a blue tone.


For those wanting a portfolio look, you can set the page background to black, and the frame background also to black.






Gallery+ is installed like any WordPress plugin. Simply upload the provided zip file via the WordPress plugins uploader, and activate.

Setting up a gallery


Gallery+ comes with a sample gallery built-in and support for Headway Photo Gallery and NextGen Gallery. Of course, it also has its own gallery system, which uses standard WordPress Media Libary methods.

Full details of how to setup a Gallery+ gallery are provided in the Gallery+ User Guide. In brief though, the process is:

  • In the Gallery+ WP admin menu, add a new G+ Gallery
  • Use standard WordPress methods to import photos into that G+ Gallery
  • Then insert them as a gallery into the G+ Gallery
  • Save the G+ Gallery, reload the Visual Editor, and your new gallery will be ready to use.






Gallery+ lets you create galleries with a photo style, book style, portfolio and more. So, however you use your website, whether home blogger, travel blogger, professional photographer, pro blogger, amateur photgrapher etc, if you want to display galleries of photos, Gallery+ provides an easy, powerful and flexible way to do so.

Like all Headway premium leafs, for the time and effort it will save you, Gallery+ is a steal at just US$25.

For existing Headway users, you can get Gallery+ on your Headway Themes Dashboard. For anyone interested in Headway, a drag-and-drop WordPress theme, please visit Headway Themes.

For comprehensive usage instructions, see the Gallery+ User Guide.

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11 Responses

  1. Nice 🙂 Is it possible to make the picture react in some way after hovering over it? I’m building a website with headway, and the front page is basically a big menu made of colored pictures ( ) I haven’t added any links to them yet, but it would be very cool If when hovering over a picture it does something, like highlight, change, or wiggle :)) do you think this would be possible with this new plugin?

  2. This sounds like a great addition to headway. One problem I have with most photo gallery plugins – that I’m hoping this leaf/feature offers – is a better way to select the order of your images. Drag and drop would be perfect!

    Often images are shown either in alphabetical order by image title, or they are shown chronologically. What if I want to add an image near the front of the existing 10 images in that gallery – I have to mess around with awkward naming conventions to get it ordered etc. Drag and drop would be awesome, otherwise please offer another way to independently order the images – check boxes with numbers or something.


  3. I’m in!

    Although I am hoping this can also act as a “Featured Content” gallery. Looks like it can, not to mention a whole lot of other things I can think of that it looks outstandingly well suited for.

    Not entirely sure what you mean by:

    “Another major feature, not available in any other Headway leaf (mainly because there hasn’t previously been a need), is galleries can be displayed embedded in the page’s content if you desire!”

    …but if it means a leaf in a leaf (nested leafs) then I think you may have underestimated a bit with that, “hasn’t previously been a need” comment. I know I’ve thought it would be cool to put one leaf’s features within another on a few occasions. Hopefully I haven’t just been missing something, or (with hope) it’s what’s coming ahead for Headway.

    * leaves to go find the order page…

  4. I’d like to know if I can make the image in Gallery+ shown as a fulls screen slideshow? is that possible?

  5. I’d like to know if I can make the image in Gallery+ shown as a fulls screen slideshow? is that possible?

  6. I’d like to see a showcase of sites using this child theme.  Also I am using Awesome Flickr plugin for my gallery.  Will this work with that?

    •  @LeRoyHill Gallery + is not a Child Theme. This is a Headway Themes specific add-on you can use with our theme/framework.  To see what others are doing with Headway, you can visit our showcase over at

      •  @GrantGriffiths  Thank you.  I have seen the showcase but wanted showcase of customers that use the Gallery+ add-on. Also can you confirm if this add-on will work with Awesome Flickr gallery?

  7. Any way to change the font in caption/comments?? I’m not a pro with CSS, but wondering if that is the way to go? Help please?!

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