Its Official – Headway 3.0 Is Coming November 25th

It is official, Headway 3.0 is coming to you live on November 25th.  We made the announcement last week on twitter while we were at BlogWorld Expo.

The Team is working hard right now finishing up some last minute coding stuff.  Videos are being made.  Documentation is being written and tutorials are getting hashed out.

We have some exciting things coming with 3.0

Documentation is getting a completely new look and feel.  We are moving the Documentation to a wiki.  Let me just say I was reluctant to do this.  And it took some convincing to change my mind. But, this is one of the most common request we had from our community as far as the Documentation was concerned. So, we are doing it.

Next, the Headway site is getting a complete make over.  The colors and branding are staying the same. But, just like we did with 2.0, Headway 3.0 deserves its own home to shine on.

One of the biggies with 3.0 is the introduction of Headway Child Themes.  As you should know, we are collaborating with three amazing and awesome theme companies too.  Organic Themes, Press75 and Allure Themes are all getting geared up to build Headway Child Themes.  I can not even express how excited we are here at Headway to see what these three great companies come up with.

Last, but not least is the new visual editor with an amazing and ground breaking new layout/grid system.  Just when I thought Clay and his team had done it all, they kick it up a notch or two or a thousand.  This thing is mind blowing. And yes I know. I am biased.  However, just wait and you will see what I am talking about. And those of you who have had the chance to play around with 3.0 in the Beta testing know exactly what I am talking about too.  😉

So, two weeks from today.  November 25th, 2011, Black Friday, you will get to see something amazing and that is Headway 3.0

Hang on to your hats everyone.  This is going to be fun!!!

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  1. I have seen and heard enough to say that Headway 3 will best the best, you know it’s like inventing the wheel, or maybe sliced bread! I will be purchasing my developers’ license next week. I can’t wait to get Headway and start using the new interface. You guy are the bomb!!!!

    • Thanks Derwyn!!!

      I think you can tell from my post we are all excited to finally have a date when we are pushing this amazing new product out to the world.

      Headway 3.0 is truly amazing.

      • I’m new to the webmaster thing, but I’m very thankful to have found Headway Themes. It has been really easy (compared to everything else I’ve used to create websites) and now I will be getting the developer version next week to have what I think is the best out there. C’est bon!

  2. Only $97

    Support for two (2) Headway sites that you own or develop
    Option to upgrade to the Developer’s Option for only $77
    Full access to our members only Forums and email support if needed
    Free Headway updates for life
    30-day money back guarantee

    Doesn’t you original contract with us state Free Updates for life? I got this from the Wayback Machine.

    Could you comment…


    • Yes, and you will get free upgrades for life if you own Headway prior to November 25th. That has not changed.

  3. Tell us more about the new child themes. Will these be ready by the 25th? There was an announcement that the developer license would get a couple free child themes to go with it.

    • We plan to have some ready for the 25th. And that is true. All those with a current Developer License will get at least 2 child themes for free.

  4. Played with Headway 3 for an hour or so tonight after watching Michael M’s videos – fantastic.
    Rounded corners (browser willing) and drop shadows are beautiful.

    WordPress and Dreamweaver rolled into one at a price that anyone can afford.

    Going to spend the weekend setting up a site.

    Thanks Headway peeps.

  5. Hi Guys, Im going to change over to HW as soon as semester is over. One idea.. there used to be something wayyy back (In Cyber Studio) called image mapping.. it was just the best functionality and then *poof* it was dropped. Basically you drag a marque around an area on an image and it can be clickable/linkable (hope Im not losing anyone with my technical jargon here haha). Saved so much time not having to mess around in photoshop. If HW could do that would be staggeringly brilliant (why did they phase that out anyway? It just made so much sense).

    A Future HW user 🙂

    • They probably used the HTML tag. As cool as those were, they have been phased out. Text and CSS has taken over ;).

  6. Any chance of a Black Friday sale leak? How much are the prices going up? 😉

    Seriously though. If I buy before the 25th, I get free updates for life including the upgrade to 3.0. If I buy after the 25th, I have to pay annual fees for updates beyond 3.0?

    …but here’s the big request. Can you define “updates”? I’ve bought software before (say version 2.0) that included all updates free. BUT when the version went up to 3.0, I had to pay all over again to purchase that version. Only the 2.x modifications were considered “updates.”

    • We’ll definitely have a Black Friday sale :).

      Yup, you get free updates and support for life including the update to 3.0. By updates we mean everything. If you buy before the 25th, you will have no annual fees.

      If you buy on or after the 25th, you will pay yearly for updates and support. Again, with updates this includes everything. You just have to renew every year to access the updates and support.

      I hope this answers your questions. Have a great day!

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