Join the Headway Themes Affiliate Program and Earn 40% Commissions


We have a growing and very active network of affiliates doing an outstanding job of getting the word out about Headway.  And they are taking advantage of the new marketing, branding and site design we pushed out with the release of Headway 2.0

Clay and I would like to invite you to join the Headway Themes affiliate program if you are not already part of this great community.

There is a huge demand currently for quality premium WordPress themes and frameworks and we feel Headway 2.0 puts us in a prime position to offer those theme and framework consumers the best choice available.  And what is great about our affiliate program and those who are promoting Headway is the fact, there is good money being made right now by those affiliates who are aggressive in promoting Headway.

The Headway Themes affiliate program is hosted by ShareASale.  In the past we were paying 33% on each sale our affiliates were making.  With the release of Headway 2.0, we decided to increase our commission rate to 40% and not just through the end of the year.  The 40% affiliate commission is from now and into the future.  We will not be lowering our commission below 40% on the Headway Theme.

We announced the new affiliate commissions days before we pushed out Headway 2.0 and the reaction from our affiliate community has been great.

What is exciting for us is the fact we are not stopping with Headway 2.0.  In the very near future we will be offering more Headway Skins for our community to purchase and use. What this means for our affiliates is more high quality products you can offer to your readers, list and audience.  More opportunities to provide your readers and list with the products that fit their needs. And what will set the Headway Skins apart from any other child theme or skin on the market is the fact not only do you get a Headway powered Skin.  You get a Headway powered Skin which comes with the built in power of the exclusive Headway Visual Editor.

We also have planned more services for our customers and community to use to make getting up and running on the web just that much easier.  All of what we have planned for the near future will only make what you offer as a Headway affiliate that much more attractive. Not that it is not now with Headway 2.0.

Our top affiliates make some great money each mouth. In fact, some are in 4 figures range.  It is not just because we offer a competitive commission rate. These affiliates use and believe in the product they use and it is reflected in how they market Headway.  We have some of our affiliates who provide some of the best tutorials you will find anywhere for a premium WordPress theme or framework.  And this does affect their sales of Headway Themes directly.

Sign up today for the Headway Themes affiliate program. And I don’t think I need to tell you, but if you are not running the Headway Theme on your own site, what is stopping you.  Get started today using the feature rich, secure and optimized premium WordPress theme, Headway Themes.


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  1. I joined the affiliate program but can’t find my affiliate/referral link. Shareasale is very confusing to me… where can I find the link to use to send people to headway? Thanks!

  2. Shareasale doesn’t accept application from non-english websites…This just doesn’t make sense. On my site:, I would have done articles and tutorial videos in French to promote Headway.Currently, I’m promoting a competitor of yours (who’s using Shareasale as well… weird right ?)…Is there another way to join your affiliate program. I really think that many bloggers in France would be interested in your products… Thanks 🙂

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