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Several months ago, some members of the Headway Community opened up a Slack community for Headway users! If you are unfamiliar with Slack, it’s advertised as a messaging app (it is web based also) for teams but it’s a real-time chat where you can chat with other Headway users, get advice, get help, show off your work, and even participate in Slack only contests!

While the community is unofficial and no support is provided there, Headway Team members, including myself, pop in there from time to time and we just announced our first contest exclusive to the Slack community today!

What members are saying about the Slack community

It’s a great way to keep in touch with people, bounce ideas around, enjoy a bit of banter and make friends in a relaxed and informal environment. You’re almost guaranteed to learn something new here every day!

— Guy B of Gecko SEO

I have learned more in the few months I’ve been here on Slack than in the preceding 4 years of using Headway, I’ve broken all sorts of bad coding habits and I’ve discovered that Headway users have exceptionally bad senses of humor, by which I mean I’m endlessly entertained.

Karelle of Best WWW Solutions

I enjoy discussing all things headway with other people as passionate about the theme as I am. And learning more about the community members individually.

—Corey Freeman of Headway 101 and Headway Shop

What are you waiting for? Request an invite today!

Request an invite to the Headway Slack Community and in just a short time, you will be chatting along with other members of the community!

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