Theme Setup Terms of Service

The Theme Setup Service is generally completed within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) from receiving the necessary and accurate customer information requested upon the purchase of the service. The service includes the basic installation of WordPress and/or Headway Theme and demo content (if requested) plus the selected plugins. In addition, we may upload and configure a single logo and background image for the site and link to your favicon and/or feed service.

The Theme Setup Service does not include the creation of images, pages, posts, content, navigation items (outside of the demo content, if requested to be installed). It does not include any customizations or changes to the theme code.

If a Theme Setup Service is paid for and submitted with requests beyond the scope of the service as defined on the Headway Themes site, we will kindly ask that the request be modified to meet the requirements previously outlined. In the event the request cannot be modified to meet the theme setup requirements, we will provide a refund and the setup service will not be completed.

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