Moving to Headway? Transfer Your SEO Settings with SEO Data Transporter

If you are moving from one theme to another – or one SEO plugin to another – it can be terrifying if you’ve been using your current method for a while. All of your content has been tagged, optimized, described, etc – what happens to all that hard work? Your page rank?

The thought of manually re-doing all of that work is so daunting that most folks simply don’t – they either don’t change their plugin/theme framework, or they don’t move their data. Either way, you’re suffering, and you don’t have to.

The developers of Headway are smart – Headway integrates seamlessly with the All-in-One-SEO pack. So if you were using AIOSEO on any other theme and switch to Headway and it’s best-in-class SEO features, your data is safe. (Note: Your old SEO data is not automatically visible on the Post and Pages in WordPress after you deactivate AIOSEO. if that makes you nervous, you can use this plugin to make it all visible and editable.) But that’s not the case with many other plugins – or if you were using SEO options built into another theme.

The guys at StudioPress are also smart – very smart. They’ve released a plugin called the SEO Data Transporter. It’s a fee download, and it allows you to move from any supported theme or any supported SEO plugin and migrate your data.

Supported Themes

1) Builder
2) Frugal
3) Genesis
4) Headway
5) Hybrid
6) Thesis
7) Woo Framework

Supported Plugins

1) All in One SEO Pack
2) Headspace2
3) Platinum SEO
4) WordPress SEO

So, need to move your SEO settings from Thesis, Woo, Frugal, or Genesis to Headway? You can do that now! Want to move your SEO Settings from Headspace2 to Headway? You can do that, too! Want to get your Headway settings back into AIOSEO? Also an option.

Keep in mind that this is in beta — it’s pretty stable, but it is a beta plugin. What does that mean? It means go for it – but back up your database first!

Happy migrating!

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  1. Very timely post. I used this tool after I ad already imported the content and made changes. Was so afraid I would have to start over. NOPE!! This tool worked great, thanks.

    Here’s a question for you…how did you get that AWESOME author bio box at the bottom of each post?

  2. Yes it definitely does not work for Headway 3. In fact, it nuked all my SEO for my genesis theme. Thank god for backups!

    • SEO Data Transporter does not work with Headway 3 at this point, but 3.7 includes some changes that will allow us to work with it again.

      The plugin was made by StudioPress, so if it nuked your Genesis settings you should mention that to them.

      Sorry for the trouble!

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